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5 Subtle Ways You Could Be Sabotaging Your Love Life

5 Subtle Ways You Could Be Sabotaging Your Love Life

Love isn’t luck but it can feel like it. Little do most single women realize but you can increase your chances of dating and improve your luck in love by changing a few subtle behaviors. You are not to blame for being single. Although your actions may play a part you can also blame timing, your location, and toss in a little bit of bad luck. Although it’s not completely a woman’s fault if she’s single past the time she’d like to be, she can still take control of the situation.

Most women don’t realize that there are modest behaviors that either increase or decrease their chances of finding love.
I should amend that by adding that we don’t find love, we attract it. And by altering the choices you make on a daily basis you can increase your chances of attracting the right partner.

There are five key behaviors that subtly sabotage your love life that once you overcome will change your luck in dating for the better.

Living in the past.

Stop thinking about, talking about, or even dreaming about, a past love. If you have the nagging feeling that your future husband was someone in your past, let it go. Believing that the man you dated in college, high school, or even a few years ago was “the one” blocks the possibility of meeting someone new.

The man that’s truly meant for you can’t come into your life if you’re filling his space with the memory of an ex. If there were a man in your past that you were meant to be with you would still be with him. Let that sink in, followed by the idea that the Universe, God or the divine force you believe in is never wrong.

Only dating one person

The challenge of dating more than one person is meeting more than one person to date. When it comes to instant monogamy in dating most women do it by default. They feel it fruitless to try to meet another option (potential date) until they are forced to.

Meeting new people especially men has to become a habit because it’s too easy not to do. You have to create a formula for yourself for attracting men. If you aren’t attracting men or the attention of men on a regular basis then it means your method of attraction is flawed.

Dating is like a buffet, don’t be afraid to taste a little of everything before you settle on a favorite dish.

Not socializing

There is a difference between filling a social calendar and creating a life that you enjoy. One is busyness the other is living. In order to meet the right people, possibly the love of your life you have to find the right social circles. The man for you is likely a friend of a friend. Your greatest resource, for meeting the man of your dreams, is the people you know.

Adults are less likely to make new friends as they age and in today’s dating world that can hinder you chances for finding the guy for you. Don’t be afraid to socialize with new people by joining organizations or volunteering. Not only will you enrich your life but you’ll increase your chances of meeting potential dates.

You’re always with a group

Socializing is an important element of meeting the right guy through friends but you can play matchmaker for yourself by spending time alone.

Men are intimidated by groups of women. It’s much easier for a man to speak to a woman when she’s by herself. So although you’ve filled your week with events and obligations give yourself time to enjoy your own company. Keeping in mind that the errands you run after work or on the weekends don’t count.

Find a somewhat busy place like a café, a park, or your local Starbucks to invite love into your life. This intentional act work wonders for your love life by inviting attention from the right people. So often women are closed off from attention because too much of it is unwanted. By making opportunities where you invite engagement and interaction, you increase your positive energy and awareness bringing the right man to you.

You doubt his existence

The biggest saboteur of all, when it comes to finding love, is doubt.

How can you find what you don’t believe exists? If you don’t believe in the man you want or that you will find him then there is unlikely chance you will. Don’t throw your list away, don’t call yourself too picky, instead actively pursue the men who are similar to the man you want to date. This doesn’t mean chasing men or making the first move it means: go where the men are.

Make every effort to physically place yourself where the man you want to date is most likely to be. Unless you’re surrounding yourself with great guys on a regular basis it’s easy to forget that they exist. When in doubt don’t be afraid to put an effort into attracting the love you deserve. By doing nothing you’re essentially doing the things that keep you single.

Place a concerted effort in attracting the right man and in time you will.

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