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5 Things You Need To Know Before Dating The Outgoing Introvert

5 Things You Need To Know Before Dating The Outgoing Introvert

Ah, the outgoing introvert, the greatest mystery of all the human psychology types.

Some even say it doesn’t really exist, but others will testify they do.

At one point they will scare you, at another they will completely destroy your will to date people, and on the third point, they will show you emotions strong and vivid as any other, forcing you to think again whether you have made a mistake or not.

You might even think at some point that outgoing introverts are somewhat of a split personality, when in fact, they are simply very dependent on their emotions.

Their life is guided by their emotions, and their emotions are (in good measure) guided by the ambient and their surroundings.

That being said, what is an ‘outgoing introvert’?

Introverts are generally people who like to have alone time, who like to be left alone and in peace and quiet. They generally dislike too much human interaction and find it hard to stay relaxed when in a party, or somewhere where they must meet new people.

All these things aside, introverts don’t want to end up alone, so dating sites like Free Dating America or OK Cupid is where they’ll go to feel safe and meet new people at the same time.

But outgoing introverts don’t shy away from human interaction. They just need some time to recover, afterwards. So don’t be afraid to date an outgoing introvert, just keep a few things in mind:

#5: Stay true to yourself

Don’t try to fool the introvert. You can’t play the player. Recent study has found that introverts brain functions a bit differently, and they pay close attention to details, meaning they can easily see through you, if you are not telling the truth and if you’re portraying yourself in a way which isn’t completely honest.

#4: Be original

Introverts are not boring people. In fact, they don’t really like boring people, and if you go out on a ‘typical’ face-to-face first date, and go about the usual chit-chatter “Saving Private Ryan is your favourite movie too? Oh my God, such coincidence!” you’re bound to fail. Make sure to be original, invest some time and thought for an original first date. It will pay back – in dividends.

#3: Emotions will run high

Being an introvert means you don’t really enjoy human interaction that much. Keep that in mind. If an outgoing introvert decided to go out with you, that means he or she must really, really like you. And that’s how they are; they are like an amplifier for emotion. Whatever you might feel, they might also feel, only much more intense.

#2: Learn to take no for an answer

Even though they are ‘outgoing’, in their core they are still introverts. Meaning that sometimes, if they had a hard day (or if they had to meet and be kind to some strange, new people), they might need some cool-down time, and some time for themselves. If you don’t get an answer to your text message (or even worse, if you get the dreaded ‘seen’), don’t despair – they will call back. Just give them time.

#1: They’re environment-dependant

The energy of the introvert depends heavily on the environment. If they don’t like the club or the restaurant they’re at, they will show it. It will affect their mood and they will be annoyed. But they will (most often) keep quiet, so that they don’t get mistaken for a clingy person. Learn to identify the mood swings and you’ll most certainly get repaid in kindness.

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