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If You Hate Texting… Try This Instead

If You Hate Texting… Try This Instead

If you don’t like texting then it’s up to you to set strict boundaries when it comes to giving and getting phone numbers. People think that texting is a cop out, or something you do when you don’t have the guts to call the person you want to date. To be honest, it’s not always that serious. Texting is a modern form of communication and there’s a way to navigate it without stress.


If you don’t want to text someone then take their number instead of giving out yours. When you call this person, let them know why you decided to call and that you don’t like texting. You may think you’re reasons are valid but your date may be wondering why you’re resisting the 21st century.

If you have a great reason for not wanting to text then share it or say something like, “I like to hear a person’s voice, I can tell a lot more about them.” Keep it cute and playful. Enforce this boundary with the force of potty training a puppy. Your date might slip up and text you but don’t give them a hard time about it. Once they know you, they’ll be more accommodating.


The best way to get someone to call you, after you’ve entered a textual relationship, is to ask. Don’t say you hate texting while texting. If someone has sent you a text simply reply, “I’m leaving work soon, call me around 6:30,” or whatever time is convenient for you.

If they don’t call then they’re not into you. Or call them. Keep in mind that it’s one thing to prefer to be called but it’s another to be unreasonable. In today’s world you have to be willing to communicate in multiple ways. If your partner can’t speak on their phone at work but wants to contact you, to know you’re having a great day, let them text. Don’t limit your contact just to phone calls; it might make the other person feel constricted.


People send texts for various reasons but one being that they can’t get to their phone. Or they just don’t want to. Whichever the case, leave a clear message and ask for a call back. If someone is protective of their time they want to know how long the conversation will take.

If you’re dating someone who truly enjoys talking on the phone then they will call you back and you can have a wonderful conversation.

If you’ve met someone who isn’t a “phone person” then give them a clear and enticing reason to call you back, something that references making plans or doing something fun with you. Whether you text or talk on the phone the key is to have clear and open communication with the person that you’re dating.

Don’t try to control the relationship by making it hard to contact you. Do your best to keep all forms of communication open and make the most of the time you spend together so that you build a strong relationship that survives calls and texts.

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