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6 Types of Romantic Flowers to Buy Your Partner

6 Types of Romantic Flowers to Buy Your Partner

It’s always a nice gesture to give or receive flowers. They are beautiful, fragrant and fresh, and they remind us of the beauty of our world. Flowers are given on many occasions, but we mostly associate them with love and romance. From first dates to wedding days, flowers play a beautiful part in people’s love stories. Sending flowers from afar is also one way to celebrate a long distance relationship when you can’t be together.

Physical gifts like this can be so meaningful for the people we love.

If you’re having a hard time deciding what type of flowers to give to the one you love, take a look at some of these lovely and romantic floral options. For your next romantic gesture, learn about flower meanings to help you decide which ones are the most appropriate for you and your love.


Roses are timeless, classically romantic and beautiful. Cultures all across the world have a history of using red roses to convey feelings of romance and beauty.


In a historical myth, there was a nymph named Paeonia with whom the flower was associated. These days we associate it with romance, honour, a happy marriage and compassion. Some say peonies can also be a symbol for being bashful.


These lovely and vibrant colored flowers are delicate and simple, exuding feelings of comfort and warmth when gifted. They say tulips stand for “perfect love” and are associated with rebirth because they bloom in the springtime.

Ranunculus (Buttercups)

These stunning blooms always attract a lot of attention. They are made up of dainty, paper-thin petals that are delicate and beautiful. They also come in many different colors and subtle varieties, so they are versatile flowers to use in a romantic bouquet.


These flowers originally were only found in pink, which symbolizes gratitude. Now they can be found in colors like deep red to symbolize love and affection. Carnations are some of the most popular flowers used for weddings in China. In other parts of the world they’re also considered the flower to get for your 1st official wedding anniversary.

Alstroemeria (Peruvian Lilies)

There are about 50 different species of this incredible flower and it comes in many different colours. The meaning behind this flower is generally the same no matter the variety and is taken from its six petals, each one representing a different characteristic – respect, empathy, understanding, humour, patience and commitment. These gorgeous flowers are some of the most popular and beloved flowers to give people around the world.

You can’t really go wrong when it comes to choosing flowers as a gift. If you’re doing it from the heart and to make a loved one smile, almost any flower will do.

When you’re looking for the best floral delivery option, look for a company that has a good reputation for fresh blooms, thoughtful delivery and quality customer service. It will make the experience for everyone enjoyable and most florists love being a part of making people smile.

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