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The Benefits of Removing Your Engagement Ring

The Benefits of Removing Your Engagement Ring

There is nothing more satisfying and exciting than knowing that you are about to start a new life with your partner. When couples look to take their relationships to the next level, the engagement rings become a necessary investment. The valuable items are indicators of the commitment couples have for each other, which is why engaged people are looking to parade the rings around to their families and friends.

As much as you want to expose it everywhere you go, you will have to put them in storage for most of the time. Some couples might take it as a wrong gesture, but there are plenty of logical reasons you should keep the ring hidden. The piece of jewelry requires protection, which does not mean that you have it on your finger and sight at all times.

Financial Investment

Like most pieces of genuine jewelry, you will have to pay a high price for your engagement ring. Letting it sit for a long time will waste your investment on it. However, you will find that the sentimental value is nearly irreplaceable. As much as you want to parade the engagement ring around your friends and colleagues, you might not be able to recover it once it is lost. The situation becomes increasingly problematic if your job or errands require you to take your ring off from time-to-time.

Engagement rings do not come cheap, so you will have to pay more attention to them over other jewelry pieces. However, there are days when the risk of losing your financial investment is not worth it. If you have to wear gloves all the time in your work or during winter, it would be better to leave your engagement ring at home.

Cleanup and Maintenance Issues

You will find that your fingers and hands are some of the dirtiest areas of your body. They will be touching lots of surfaces that could be full of bacteria and particles, which means that you will have to clean your engagement ring. Like most pieces of jewelry, you will find that the engagement ring requires cleaning and maintenance.

However, the average person might not know how to take care of it. Sanitation is necessary, but the contents of hand sanitizers and scented soap could cause more harm than good.

Chlorine, bleach, and rubbing alcohol can discolor or damage your ring after multiple cleaning attempts, which is why you have to pay attention to the formulas you use. Maintenance might also be challenging for people who do not know how to handle the materials, making it necessary to take it to a jewelry maintenance expert.

Trying to do them by yourself could lead to issues. It will be best to leave the cleaning and maintenance to the experts to avoid the situation.

Application of Pressure on Ring

If you are using your hands too often while working, you might have to take your ring off. Some people working in front of a computer might see the ring as a distraction or an obstacle for efficiency. Fortunately, it does not mean that they are going to remove the engagement ring.

However, your job might involve carrying huge loads on your hands, making removal necessary. The pressure might bend or break your engagement ring.

You might need to remove a bent ring surgically to take them off your hands. It might even reach a point when the ring slices into your fingers, increasing the risk of infection.

You will not want one of the most valuable pieces of jewelry to lead to your health deterioration. Removing your engagement ring will be necessary if you find that you will have to use your hands for your job, especially when your role involves applying pressure to the body part.

Target for Theft

It might feel exciting to brag about your engagement ring to your friends and family. It costs a lot of money, which means that it will attract attention. However, you might become an unwilling target of people who are looking to steal it. Theft can happen anywhere, which means that you will have to protect your engagement ring at all times.

However, it will be better to conceal it as a precautionary measure, especially when you live in a risky neighborhood. Preventing theft requires you to think ahead, which will lead you to leave it in a safe storage space at home.

Most couples want to have the engagement ring on them as a sign of commitment, but you will find that the piece is far too valuable. You can buy custom engraved rings as an alternative to avoid putting their costly counterparts at risk.

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