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Am I Sending The Right Vibes In Dating?

What Does It Take To Be Desired In Dating?

There are three keys to creating chemistry: making someone laugh, making someone think and of course making them a little horny. This is the ideal recipe for what I call successful dating. If you can manage to inspire all three feelings at once, I guarantee you will have willing participants in your love life.

Creating positive feelings in another starts with sending the right vibes. These are the warm feelings you get when you meet someone you like.

Many singles mistakenly accept that you have to be gorgeous, wealthy and a rhode scholar to be considered a catch but if this were the case we’d all be single. The secret is, no one can deny their attraction to someone that makes them laugh, think and feel sexy. So the question is, are you that person? If not, how can you accomplish this?

There are so many singles in this world that by inspiring these feelings you create a way to truly stand above the competition. Ask yourself these three important questions.

Would You Have Sex With You?

We aren’t born knowing how to be sexy or how to enjoy sex but we are born wanting to have it. It’s in our nature to procreate and for this reason our bodies are wired with hormones that get aroused. Without any prompting our bodies know before our minds and hearts when we’re physically attracted to someone.

We know almost immediately when there’s chemistry.

The key for you is to learn what it takes to create chemistry. The commonality between men and women is that we both need good reasons to have sex with someone, men just need less reasons than women. If you give someone a good reason to sleep with you then you’ll inspire the feelings necessary for chemistry and attraction.

It’s highly unlikely that you’ll find two strangers on the same plane of sexual desire. It’s the responsibility of one to convince the other that it’s a good idea.

So how is it done? What more can any single man or woman do besides get the gym from time to time, take showers, floss and order Patron shots? This is the tricky part and it’s far from an exact science. The major ingredient for making others want to sleep with you is being sexy.

You have to be attracted to yourself and convey that message to others. If you wouldn’t sleep with you then what makes you think others want to? Don’t be confused, this isn’t about having sex this is about inciting the natural desire to want to have sex.

Do You Make Yourself Laugh?

Laughter is an easy way to change someone’s state, or mood. The ability to change a person’s state means you have influence with them. This is the type of influence that encourages others to date you.

If you have the ability to make other people laugh then you have the right vibes to be highly desired.

When we hear people suggest that humor over looks is more attractive many of us are doubtful that this is true. It is true for the simple reason that humor changes our state, mood.

Anytime our state is changed we’re susceptible to influence or ideas that are different than our own. By creating the right mood change, you can build chemistry, and increase attraction. Not everyone can feel beautiful but anyone can be funny.

If you’re capable of making others laugh then you’re well on your way to being more attractive than you realize.

Do You Think Deep Thoughts?

What would the world be like without violence? How can we end world hunger? Is time travel possible? There are so many unanswered questions in this world and inspiring someone to ask them is what we call provocative. Our lives can seem mundane and somewhat superficial if we never ask ourselves the hard questions.

There is an art to making someone think about what they say to you. When you ask meaningful questions more than the standard, “Where do you live?” and “What do you do?” you fire up their creative juices. By asking probing questions potential dates have to push past their canned responses and actually share with you something of substance. Sharing information that may be somewhat private will create feelings of attachment.

It doesn’t have to be personal information but it does need to be stimulating. 

These three qualities are the foundation of attraction that make anyone you meet develop instant chemistry with you. Learn to master these skills and you will not only attract the right people but inspire them to date you. I hope this was helpful.

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