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Are You Attractive Enough For Her?

Are You Attractive Enough For Her?

In the grand scheme of things looks aren’t important. Will Smith’s character Hitch put it best when he said, “Any man can sweep any woman off of her feet, he just needs the right broom.”
His famous line wasn’t just a cute anecdote, it’s the truth.

But let’s say that you meet a woman who is willing to go out with you but you get the feeling that the attraction from a physical standpoint is not quite there. There may be great chemistry when it’s just the two of you but when it comes to your looks, are you attractive enough for a woman like her?

What does that matter? Nothing really, and most women are interested in who a man is as a man, not his looks. A woman is more likely to focus on his financial stability than a man’s body. But despite the security that you have when you are with her, there is a nagging feeling that how you look doesn’t quite appeal to her.

So how do you know for sure?

She Changes What You Wear

A woman can be filled with suggestions. How about, what if we, or maybe we should, are common phrase in the female vocabulary. You can tell that a woman isn’t into your looks if she is constantly suggesting that you wear something else.

If she starts buying your clothing, or telling you that you would great in certain colors or cuts, then she probably hates the way that you dress, and might not be into your current style. This isn’t a bad thing. Unless you have curated a look unique to you, changing the way that you dress is a small investment to make, to secure the woman of your dreams.

She Excludes You In Photos

In the days of instagram it’s not uncommon to see many boyfriends playing the role of make shift photographer. Whether just for enjoyment or to make a living modeling for the gram is par for the course these days especially for beautiful women. If you’re not sure if you’re the man she finds irresistible, notice if she wants to take photos with you, or if you wants you to take photos of her. Notice her reaction when you suggest taking photos, and notice if she has photos of the two of you on her social media.

You Haven’t Met Her Friends

After a few months of dating it’s important to meet the friends of your special someone. You want to feel integrated into your partner’s life and have a good understanding of who they spend their time with. This is incredibly important when it comes to becoming a part of their life. If you haven’t met your partners friends and you have been dating for more than a few months, even more than six weeks, you might begin to ask why not?

She Doesn’t Hold Your Hand In Public

Women don’t want to feel like they are the possession of a man. They also don’t want other men to know that they are taken, but overtime when a woman is comfortable with you, holding her hand is a standard form of affection. If your girl doesn’t feel comfortable holding you hand in public or showing other simple forms of belonging, it could be that she isn’t attracted to you physically.

She Get Under The Covers Right Away

If you’ve taken the relationship to the next level and have begun to fool around, even have sex, then the way that you spend time together naked has implications on how she feels about you physically. A woman who immediately jumps under the covers or turns off the lights when it’s time to be intimate my not be physically attracted to your body.

So what does this behavior mean?

Should you stop dating a woman who might be out of your league?

If a woman likes you then she is willing to date you regardless of the physical attraction. Yes, it’s flattering when someone desires your body, or thinks you’re attractive enough to make them look better but that is not what healthy relationships are made of. A woman who respects you and wants to be with you doesn’t truly care about your looks. She may at first, but as you spend more time together the love that she has for you will extend far beyond the physical. All you have to do is appreciate her.

Appreciate any woman who is willing to open her heart to a good man, not just a man who looks good. Respect her right to take the attraction slow. Her body isn’t making the decision her brain is. Let her overcome what could be some unconscious biases and prejudices over time. Don’t rush her, or get upset with her, for how she feels.

Lastly, work on yourself. If you are doing everything that you can to look and feel your best then you have nothing to worry about but if you need to take better care of yourself do so. You’ll both reap the reward of any improvements that you can make.

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