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3 Heart Melting Phrases That Make A Man Fall For You

3 Heart Melting Phrases That Make A Man Fall For You

These days you can’t read any dating advice for women that doesn’t include the word feminine. Somewhere between the last few decades, and the present, women have seemingly forgotten how to be soft, vulnerable and most importantly filled to their ears with femininity. The argument being; a man can’t truly be a man if you’re not being a woman.

So how do you become the woman that a man needs without totally changing yourself?

When you are dating a man and want him to see you as someone that he can fall in love with then you have to be open to learning how to speak his language. It isn’t that you need to do or say anything differently, you just need to communicate in a way the man can understand.

This should only be important to you if you’ve found a man that means something to you.

A man that you can see yourself creating a future with. If you think about what is currently keeping you single, it’s a combination of circumstances. Not to mention the fact that society puts all the pressure on women to want the relationship. It seems that a man who is single just chooses to be while a woman who is single hasn’t been chosen. With this damaging narrative women often feel forced to take dating into their own hands. Women want to trust that a man values love, and partnership in the same way that she does.

How does she know that a man is interested in a future or is he just playing games?

These questions are just some of the many that might run through a woman’s mind. But how do you get a guy that is dating you to see you as someone that he can love? How can you turn the courtship into more than just a casual fling and get him interested in a long term commitment with you?

Tell him how he makes you feel.

Thoughts are the language of the mind and feelings are the language of the body. If you want to connect with a man on a deeper level, you have to tell him how he makes you feel. Counter to popular belief that men don’t like talking about feelings, they do. They just don’t like talking about their own feelings. Men do like to know that they have an impact on your life, without feeling that they are responsible for your emotions.

I Feel Safe With You.

A man is a protector, or at least want to feel like one. This isn’t a phrase that you can just give lip service to. If you have a tendency to always be in charge then your director personality should take a back seat from time to time and let your man lead. When he does a great show, compliment his efforts by telling him that you feel safe with him.
This is a great way to show that you are willing to let him protect you.

I Trust You.

Most women don’t trust men. They are skeptical of a man’s intentions and rightfully so. All men are not to be trusted but when you meet a guy that you and trust, meaning you believe in him and you can support what he says and does, then tell him. Trust is required for bonding, and for love. Without trust you can’t build a real connection with a man, or him with you.

It’s Different With You.

Everyone likes to feel special but when you meet a man that makes you want to stop dating other people, then you know that he actually is special. To say so, would sound generic. But this phrase is simple and honest. You might have been on dozens of dates, you might have even grabbed coffee a million times, but taking on traditional activities somehow feels special when you’re doing it with him. Let the guy that you’re dating know that you do notice that with him, things do feel differently.

The right guy for you needs to know how he makes you feel. Even if you’re not one to put your emotions on your sleeve, communicating these simple phrases will make him feel like he’s found who he’s been looking for.

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