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Are You Ready for Marriage, How to Find Your ‘Mr. Big’

Are You Ready for Marriage, How to Find Your ‘Mr. Big’

Every woman has a romantic dream to meet her special man. There are many possibilities to become successful in this world.You can make a promising career, dive into art and poetry, or devote yourself to the investigation of life on other planets. It is up to you. If love marriage is what makes you happy and content, read on.

Love marriage statistics prove that 88% of Americans chose “love” as the main reason to get married. Nowadays, people prefer to stay single longer, the percentage of those looking for love is pretty high, and you have better prospects for a happy marriage.

We will offer you some tips to meet your “Mr. Big,” and you will not need to share love marriage struggle stories with your grandchildren one day. Love marriage is based on many things: psychical attraction, respect, habit, children, and so on. Have you ever noticed that some women keep staying behind a man’s back, while others try their fortune at dating sites for years and have amazing dates? You do not have to be a stunning beauty to meet your destiny; you just have to follow some psychological rules. Here they are.

Let Go of the Past to Find Love Marriage

The relationship model between a man and a woman lies in the family, so the unlucky love marriage example of your parents, and even grandparents, may repeat. Shake free of your past and forget about previous mistakes. Start new relations with a clean slate. Your future man is not guilty of your previous heartbreaks. Every man is a new experience, a new behavior pattern. Learn how to use it to your advantage and change the predictable family-way relationship.

Thoroughly Phrase Your Wishes

Any wishes you may have phrased badly when blowing out candles? Try to imagine your future ideal partner, his qualities, humor, and appearance as detailed as you can. Visualize your first date, your future home, and years full of love and care. When you know what you want exactly, you will get it sooner. Otherwise, you may waste time with the wrong candidate and spend your life looking for love marriage problem solutions.

Be Objective: Increase the Chances

Love marriage; meaning is that two people look in the same direction and have the same life goals. If you dream about a professional athlete, go to the gym to boost your chances. If you cannot live without a cheesecake for a dessert, you may join a gastro tour across sweet shops and bakeries.

If you want to join the world of big money, work on your education. If you plan to meet your ideal man, give him the possibility to meet you too. Take all the opportunities. Better the chances for happy love marriage.

Release the Situation, and Just Let It Be

There is one interesting life pattern. When you let the situation go, it is usually starting to work itself out. Marriage and love are not an exception.

So, stop looking for a “Mr. Right” in every nice man smiling to you; enjoy some gentle flirt and casual dating, and your life will change for the better. Even if not, you can still find out the difference between love marriage and arranged marriage. Who knows, maybe it will work perfectly for you.


Love marriage can be the purpose of your life, and you can achieve it. There are many places where and when you can meet your one and only, but no article and no fortune teller will ever tell you the exact place. Live your life to the fullest, enjoy every day, meet new people, and do not be afraid to be rejected. Nobody knows the final destination, but we can try to enjoy the road. Let the situation go, and your “Mr. Big” will appear on your way when you least expect it. Just keep living, forever and ever.
Have you already arranged your love marriage? How did it happen?

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Miranda Davis is a freelance writer in relation and psychology area. Miranda is interested in such topics as building healthy relationships between people, love/sex compatibility, and how to find the right balance in life in general. She is currently doing specific research on the topic. Miranda loves cooking and long-distance walking.

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