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Dare to Be Great In Dating

Dare to Be Great In Dating

There’s an exciting movement going on in the world right now that gives each and every person the opportunity to choose their destiny, create their own life and live to be happy.

The days of working 30 years for a company then retiring with a house and no debt have long passed us by. These days, some people are millionaires by their twenties and living wildly passionate lives.

You would think that everyone would want to be apart of the shift that’s going to bring clarity, happiness, wealth and success. In business it’s admirable to strive for greatness.

It’s necessary.

In love, the new concepts are daunting and misleading. Online dating isn’t the only way to meet your soul mate. Somewhere men and women do go on dates and although the rise in divorce exists there’s an opportunity for all of us to experience meaningful, healing and lasting love.

What you do reflects who you are. So why not decide to be the best partner you can? Why not commit to being great at creating and maintaining strong bonds? Why not decide to be excellent?

You’ve made excuses for so long not to be better than you are today or have more than you’ve had in the past.

Why continue to pardon behaviors that prohibit your brilliance?

There’s a simple and complicated version of the same advice for greatness. Never settle for less than you know you should give. In dating, when you think you should listen, or call, or forgive or be the first to say, “I like you,” just do it.

There’s no glory in being lazy in dating. When you should dress better, do it. When you should be more considerate, do that too.

The misconception in dating is that there’s nothing you can do to attract the person you want or that we are at the mercy of circumstance but that’s very far from the truth.

You don’t have to be the best looking, the richest, the sexiest or the smartest man or woman in the world, you just have to be your best self.

When you understand how you can be the best version of yourself there will be no limits to the love in your life. But you can’t get to the top by settling. You have to not only want to be great but pursue it.

The goal is to find greatness in yourself. You can do it.


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