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Do You Scare Men Away Without Knowing It?

When it comes to making a man completely smitten the secret isn’t in what you say but what you don’t say.

As complicated as dating might seem there’s one compelling factor that will keep a man calling you and coming back for more. A man will stay interested in you as long as he hasn’t figured you out.

The moment a man has figured a woman out, or at least thinks he has, is the moment he heads for the hills. A first date or, even a first meeting, women make the mistake of sharing too much too soon. Sometimes it isn’t what you share because we all retain information differently but it’s the kind of information that you share that can scare a man away.

Think of your life like a secure vault. Without the appropriate clearance levels a man who is essentially a stranger shouldn’t have access to your most privileged information.

One way to ensure you’ve kept a lid on your life story is to put a time limit on the interaction. I know once your engaged with a man and having a great time on the date it can be incredibly difficult to cut it short but you have to.

Any man would be leery of a woman willing to dedicate all of her time to him. You have to let men know that you have boundaries. What scares men away is a woman who will drop 4 hours on a date and not have anything else to do or not be disciplined enough to go and do it! While you think a guy is investing the same amount of time as you are on you’re four hour date, it’s likely he’s trying to sleep with you and to him, four hours for sex is a minor investment.

When women share too much too soon, it’s a turnoff and often seen as a sign of desperation. So what shouldn’t you share? Your body, too much of your time, your social media passwords and especially your past! Sharing too much of your past with a man is a quick way to scare him off. Your past is not up for debate or judgment. As comforting as it might be that a man is willing to listen to your life story remember that if you’re talking about you, you’re not listening to him.

The more you talk about yourself, the more assumptions a man might make about who you are. It’s better to listen to what your date has to say about himself, so that you can judge accurately if he’s the right guy for you.

Don’t use the interaction as a therapy session or a reason to unload all of your troubles. Just have fun! I hope this was helpful.

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