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Date Ideas: What Else Should You Do On A First Date?

Date Ideas: What Else Should You Do On A First Date?

It’s 2019, and time we retire going to the movies as a first date. Since I started dating at sixteen years old I’ve been going on dates to the movies. Back then it was fun to finally be alone with my crush and nervously cuddle up while watching a scary movie. But now we’re older and trying to build more connections when dating – the goal is to get to know someone.

How am I supposed to get to know you when Thanos is killing half the universe in the background? So, here is a short list of three non-conventional date ideas for the grown love birds out there.

Trivia/Game night:

Want to know if you and potential Mr. Right can work well together? Game night is a great way to get to know how well your partner handles themselves under pressure (Yes, I said pressure. You don’t know pressure until you’ve seen me play a game of Taboo.) It adds a fun element to a first date and you and your partner can put your minds together (or battle each other) and gives you an idea of how well you mesh. Game and Trivia nights are becoming more popular in major cities and planning would be your best bet to make this date idea a success. Try googling local bars or pubs to see what kind of games and trivia are out there.

Sip and Paint:

In the last couple of years sip and paint shops having been popping up all over. At first, I really wasn’t into the idea of sitting in some dark room listening to Jazz and drawing stick figures (literally all I can draw), but I was persuaded to go with a group of friends and it was nothing I expected! The music was current, we sung all night, drank, and had a great time! This would be a great first date to have some quality time to talk and get to know each other and brush up on your drawing skills (you see what I did there? Brush…up?). A lot of sip and paints have theme nights as well. From trap n paint where they play hip hop music, to more risky ones like drawing a live, naked person – this is for the more adventurous daters!

Just make sure your date is aware and comfortable with outlining someone else’s naked body!


Spring and summer arrive in no time and that means more sunshine and time to get outside. Festivals are always fun because there are so many to choose from during the spring and summertime and what’s better than being with your potential boo walking in the sun, eating ice cream? For this date, try to go to festivals that are geared towards your date’s interest. Does your lover have a dog? Have them bring their pup with you to a dog festival.

Do you both enjoy music? See if there’s an event in the park with your favorite bands or genre of music playing. Love to eat? There are so many food festivals to choose from. Ice cream day, BBQ competitions, pizza festivals, you name it and I bet you can find one in your city!

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