Dating Advice: Are You Too Emotional?

If you haven’t accepted that dating is a game then you’re already losing it.

Dating is a game. It’s a game of getting to know another person. There is an art to playing it and those who play it well find success.

Some people are naturally good at dating and for those, like myself, there are rules. One rule that you should constantly adhere to is this: never show negative emotions in dating.

The minute you do, you lose your power. Rather, you give your power away.

When we are in the courtship stages of dating, before we secure commitment, our emotions are on high alert. We are excited, aroused, and anxious amongst other feelings.

Even though the good feelings are on high alert so are the bad ones. Its just as easy to become angry, hurt, disappointed and jealous.

The mistake most people make is to express their negative feelings too soon.

I shouldn’t have to tell you the obvious truth; you don’t know this person. You have no idea who they are at their core and if they upset you it might be a sign of a bigger character flaw.

When you show your negative emotions, you’re asking the other person to now make you feel better.

Stop handing the responsibility of how you feel to someone else. 

By showing negative emotions angry, hurt, jealousy etc. you’re playing a card that you learned as a child. Throw a tantrum and get attention.

In this video I explain why this never works and what you should do instead. Here’s a hint… investigate within yourself where these feelings are coming from.

Emotions are triggered by the remembrance of pain. It’s the ego’s way of blocking any more pain from occurring.

If you aren’t happy, and understanding to the variables or challenges of courtship then there is a deeper issue than what anyone else has done to you.

Learn to understand your negative emotions and articulate the real issue before you hand your emotional state onto someone else.

Just because they make you feel good doesn’t make them responsible for when you feel bad. Check out this week’s video and enjoy!

I hope this was helpful.

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