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The Easiest Way To Impress Any Woman

The Easiest Way To Impress Any Woman

I ‘m constantly saying that I hate nice guys, which isn’t necessarily true. In my life I’ve met several sweet, kind, caring, intelligent, interesting men who had a strong sense of self and a healthy attitude towards women.

I’m not unique. Many women are meeting these same men and it’s become a little boring. So while it might seem that women are anti-nice guys I must congratulate men for providing so many of them to choose from.

If you are a good catch and you haven’t been getting the results that you want in your dating life, I want to offer a few tips for setting yourself apart from the pack.

At the end of the day, that’s what women are really looking for. A man that is different from the other men she’s dating and within that difference he’ll seem better.

If you don’t think you should try to impress women, you’re wrong. Men make the assumption that impressing someone means putting them on a pedestal. In fact it’s the other way around, the more positive a light you shine on yourself the higher in regard your date will hold you.

So how do you impress a woman? It’s very simple. Take the time to do the following:

  • Plan the date
  • Dress very well
  • Be Romantic

Because so few men take the initiative to do all three, its an easy way to earn points with your date.
Miss Solomon: The Easiest Way To Impress A Woman

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