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Make Your Date Want To See You Again And Again

Make Your Date Want To See You Again And Again

The first impression is your best opportunity to land dates with anyone you meet.

Dating should be one thing; entertaining.

When we’re deciding who to say yes to, it’s often the people who make a lasting first impression. The feelings we get from meeting them for the first time indicate that full length date could actually be a great time.

Think of dating like a movie. What is it about your favorite movies that you love so much? They make you laugh, they make you think, they make you cry, and you can relate to the characters. In your favorite movies you understand the story and it stirs certain emotions.

When you like a movie, even love a movie you can watch it over and over again.

When someone enjoys their experience with you, just like their favorite movie, they will want to see you over and over again. The most important part however, is getting them to see the movie in the first place.

If a five-minute trailer doesn’t look appealing then a two-hour movie will probably be torture. If you don’t engage someone within the first five minutes of conversation it’s unlikely that a date will go over well. When you meet potential dates for the firs time think of the first impression as a movie trailer. A mini synopsis of what dating you might feel like.

You should highlight the very best parts of your character, personality and intentions.

I’ve gone to see movies that, based on the trailer, were complete disappointments. It is no different in dating. We decide to date someone based on the brief experience of a first meeting or online introduction. We date those who have appealed to us during a very limited window. Sometimes we judge correctly and other times the date is a disappointment.

These tiny windows of opportunity can work greatly to your advantage. The way you make a person feel within a brief meeting can make you incredibly sought after for a full length date. Like a movie, use your time to tell a story about yourself in a captivating and interesting way.

You might be wondering how? if you only have a few minutes to make a great first impression how can you share your story while making a lasting connection. In a word: practice.

First, you must design a preview for yourself.

What do you want others to know immediately about you? Embody these traits with everything you say and do.

Next, set the intention for how you want to make others feel.

What do you want them to takeaway from the interaction, a joke, a compliment or a thought invoking conversation. Be specific in your intention.

Finally, be consistent.

Don’t hold back your best impressions for those you are interested in dating. It’s important to practice making a lasting impression with everyone you meet.

Like a great movie, you want to appeal to a wide audience so make it a point to wow everyone with you humor, charisma, charm and intrigue. If you got it. Most importantly, when someone is dating you it should feel like watching their favorite movie.

Dating you should create a similar relationship and embody the following:

  • Like their favorite move someone can see over and over and it enjoy it every time
  • Like their favorite movie time with you can make them feel good no matter how they were feeling before
  • Like their favorite movie they love to tell other people about you
  • And no matter how many times they’ve seen you, they notice something new every time

The idea is to be a source of positivity and good vibes for your date.

Each moment you spend together should be a reminder of why they want to see you again. It should entertaining and incite feelings they normally don’t feel. Think about how you currently make others feel when they’re with you and improve in areas that could make you the hottest ticket in town. I hope this was helpful.

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