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How Bad Sex Can Ruin a Relationship and What to Do About It

How Bad Sex Can Ruin a Relationship and What to Do About It

Anyone in a relationship dreams of having explosive sexual encounters with their significant other as often as possible. However, this is not always the case for many couples out there. According to SCMP, people who are emotionally connected can be incompatible in bed. This means you can love and adore each other as a couple but seem to have a disconnection in sexual matters.

There are several problems that can lead to bad sex but the common one, according to researchers, is hypoactive sexual desire (HSD). Simply put, this condition refers to having no desire for sex. From the research, 25% of Americans suffer from HSD, a fifth of which are women and a third, women. This is just one of the issues that can lead to bad sex. Others include erectile dysfunction, stress, strain in other areas, emotional disconnection, and many more.

The good news is that there’s something you can do to salvage your relationship despite a bad sex life. You don’t have to let bad sex rob you of a thriving healthy relationship with your significant other. We will tell you all about that shortly.

Why Is Bad Sex Bad For A Good Relationship?

Sex has been known to be the bond that cements two people in love. A good workout session gives couples emotional happiness and physical joy. Sexual compatibility is an important intimate expression that brings pleasure and fulfillment between couples. As a matter of fact, you can tell the state of your relationship by how healthy your sex life is. Good sex almost always trickles down to the entire relationship. The opposite is also true.

Bad sex can be frustrating. When your partner constantly turns off the invitation to be sexually intimate, it can leave you perplexed and confused. Apart from making you feel unfulfilled in bed, it will rob both of you a good relationship. If not checked, it can cause a whole lot of other disconnections outside the bedroom including resentment, anger, emotional withdrawal, just to mention a few. We all know the danger of these things for a thriving relationship.

What to Do To Salvage Your Relationship

When you notice your partner isn’t responding to you as they should, don’t panic. The end is not yet near. At least not before doing the things below:

1. Talk To Your Partner

If the Wall Street Journal relationship advice is anything to go by, discussion helps partners bring out their values and vulnerabilities to each other effectively. Look for the perfect time to have an open and honest conversation with them about your sex life. Granted, this will seem awkward in the beginning but if you do it right, it can change things for the better. Don’t be afraid to point out certain behaviors or actions that turn you off in bed. Similarly, ask your partner to bring out their own frustrations as well. Perhaps they don’t like your body or how your breath smells in the morning. Talking it over could actually be all you need to get back to the days of good sex.

2. Find Ways To Reconnect

One of the common reasons couples don’t enjoy sex is because they are disconnected as a whole. Perhaps life has become too fast that you rarely find time to simply reconnect. If this is your story, finding creative ways to spend quality time may work. Plan for a romantic holiday for the two of you, have candlelit dinner, go for a movie, etc.

3. Be Proactive In The Bedroom

If you are a lady whose man has lost interest in sex, chances are he is tired of always taking the lead. Instead of having him guess what makes you satisfied, help him by guiding his hands or telling him what you want. Pump up your confidence level and ask them to try new positions. Psychology Today actually claims that 60% of men love it when their partners take more control during sex.

4. Introduce a Toy or Pill

Finally, if you are comfortable, you might want to bring in some help in the bathroom in the form of a toy or pill. A simple Generic Kamagra can help solve the issue of erectile dysfunction and help a man perform better in bed. A toy has a similar effect and can enable a woman to achieve a higher level of satisfaction

There’s no reason to keep putting up with bad sex when in a relationship. If you are committed to making your sex life rock, try the above tips and see if you can breathe some life into your relationship.

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