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How To Ask A Woman On A Date

How To Ask A Woman On A Date

Why don’t you go on more dates?

It stands to reason that the more dates you go on the better your chances are of getting into a relationship, right? Yet many single people fail to go one a date! Less than one every two years! Those are pretty shitty odds but for those who have recently seen the buzz of the movie HER, where a man begins an intimate relationship with an operating system.

(Yes, similar to you and Siri)

The idea that we aren’t connected as people isn’t exactly science fiction. Sometimes it’s easier not to connect or to function on opposite sides of a laptop or Iphone.

Whatever the case the art of asking women out is almost close to forgotten. But it’s not one that has lost its charm just its participants.

Asking a woman on a date is over complicated by the expectations of what comes after the date. Asking a woman on a date is as simple as getting a yes to a straightforward question. The complication comes in when men become afraid of being alone with a woman. While it seems like the rejection is the scariest part of asking for a date, it’s actually the idea of being alone with this woman that give most men pause.

Here is how you should ask a woman on a date.

First, you get a sense of what women like. Find out what women are interested in these days. Next, choose a specific event happening on a certain day at a predetermined time.

“I’m going to a comedy show, Thursday at 8pm, care to join me?”

Lastly, decide why you’re going on the date.

Just because you find a woman attractive doesn’t mean you should ask her on a date. Not unless your goal is to go on lots of dates with pretty girls. A woman will say yes, but she will not be interested in you.

What’s your motivation?

There has to be a very good reason for you to be interested in going on a date with this woman. You need to have one because trust me, she does.

Sometimes it’s as superficial as we bought a new top we’ve been dying to wear.

Men shouldn’t be too concerned with why a woman says yes to a date as much as they should understand why they’re asking in the first place.


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