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Stop Waiting And Take The Leap

Stop Waiting And Take The Leap

You know that idea you’ve been waiting to put down on paper, do it now.

You know that blog you’ve been waiting to start, start it now. You know that one thing that you think you should do but haven’t quite found the courage, do it now.

In dating we wait so long for the perfect circumstances yet we’re afraid to ask for what we want. We’re afraid to take the steps towards what truly matters to us. You can’t worry about what lies ahead. You can’t wish for that savings account to grow without placing that very first deposit. You have to do everything you can now. In dating I see single men and women who are attached to what they’re used to.

Doing something different whether it’s leaving an old relationship or starting a new one can’t wait another moment.

Sometimes you have to look at a situation and say, “I’m not happy”. We take for granted that we have that choice. It’s so easy to let others determine how we feel about our lives and ourselves but the choice is yours.

If you can be honest enough to want more and move forward from your suffering, don’t wait another minute. The step might seem scary but staying in the same place can last. Your circumstances will change eventually. Nothing lasts forever.

So instead of letting conditions dictate your happiness choose it for yourself. You don’t know what the future holds but if you want it to be better than the present, take the leap.

Make the first step towards what you’ve always wanted to do or what you know you should. Do it now. I hope this was helpful.

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