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How to Be a Better Partner

How to Be a Better Partner

Congratulations on finding love on the best hookup sites review. Toxic exes, heartbreaks, commitment fears; you name it, meeting suitable partners isn’t easy. However, finding your significant other doesn’t guarantee happiness; relationships require both parties’ effort. Though you cannot force anyone to become a better partner, you can influence their behavior by changing yourself first.

Here’s how to become a better partner in marriage and dating.

1. Have Some Alone Time

It’s easy to confuse codependency with true love because you appear incomplete without each other. In truth, you’re just two insecure individuals looking for a pain outlet. You cannot care for someone else without self-love. Moreover, time apart helps you appreciate your moments together. Chances are your reunion date will be unforgettable if your lover is far away for a long time. Additionally, alone time is an opportunity to develop individual interests better.

Relationships aren’t just about becoming a better partner but also a better person. Private time lets you enjoy your hobbies and make friends with similar interests. That way, you don’t need to convince your lover to embrace your hobbies. Moments alone also make you a better partner in marriage by making you comfortable with solitude.

Jumping into a relationship because you’re lonely leaves you disappointed when your spouse doesn’t meet your expectations. However, don’t request “me” time to escape the conflict. You may walk away briefly to cool your anger and gain clarity, but evading the conversation entirely builds resentment.

2. Listen

Your relationship woes could stem from ineffective communication. Rather than listening to understand, some people’s aim is listening to reply. Without listening skills, it’s easy to judge your lover’s words, tone, and even daydream as they speak. Worse still, your spouse might feel unsafe and detached if they feel unheard.

To become a better relationship partner, concentrate on your lover’s words, emotions, and thoughts. There are several ways to improve your listening skills. For starters, don’t take your lover’s views personally. A better partner understands their spouse is communicating their personal experiences and not attacking them.

Furthermore, avoid distractions, whether it’s your thoughts or gadgets like phones and televisions. You could also ask your significant other whether they need your views or they just want to vent. Similarly, listening is part of how to be a better partner in a long-distance relationship. Unlike texts that invite miscommunication, video and voice calls strengthen your bond when you hear each other speak.

3. Show Gratitude

Dr. Sara Algoe, an Associate Professor of Social Psychology, emphasizes that gratitude increases closeness and relationship satisfaction between lovers. Appreciating your spouse also awakens gratitude in them, making them more responsive to your needs. So, how do you use gratitude to become a better partner?

To become a better partner, thank your lover for not only what they do but also for whom they are. Assume your lover makes breakfast. Besides appreciating this gesture, thank your lover for recognizing you’re not a morning person.
What’s more, thank them privately and publicly. Praising your lover openly means you don’t take them or their accomplishments for granted.

Complimenting your spouse also makes you a better partner. Saying you like your girlfriend’s dress is enough to brighten her day.

4. Support Your Spouse’s Goals

Everyone wants to succeed in their endeavors, and your partner is no exception. For starters, positive words push your lover to conquer their fears and pursue their dreams. Maybe your partner only needs you to tell them, “You’ve got this.”
But words alone aren’t enough. You can become a better partner by chipping in financially. Supposing your wife wants to go back to school, you can pay her college fees or take over family bills while she studies.

Another way to become a better partner is celebrating your spouse’s accomplishments. For instance, you can go out for dinner to congratulate your partner for passing her exams. But a better partner meaning takes different forms. You may go all out to support your lover’s dreams when all they need is emotional support.


Nurture kindness to become a better partner. Apart from bodily harm, protect your lover from emotional and mental pain. You should also be kind to yourself. In addition to celebrating your achievements, forgive yourself for your mistakes as you try to become a better partner. Are you happy in your relationship? Share how to be a better relationship partner in the comments.

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Miranda Davis is a freelance writer in the relation and psychology area. Miranda is interested in such topics as building healthy relationships between people, love/sex compatibility, and how to find the right balance in life in general. She is currently doing specific research on the topic. Miranda loves cooking and long-distance walking.

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