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How To Get A Guy’s Number Without Being A Creep

There is nothing as challenging, or as complicated as expressing your feelings to a potential love interest. Even more difficult at times, when they are same-sex feelings.

While there is wider acceptance of homosexuality, and progress being made for same-sex couples, getting a mate can be quite difficult for all of us. Am I to say that I fully understand all the specs here? NO! But I can tell you I have some pretty amazing ideas that can set the ball rolling in your favor, if you are guy interested in getting someone’s number successfully.

Get his attention

One sure way to reach out to any person is actually by creating some attention. The concept of creating attention is actually a no-go zone for those that are more shy, but if you really know what you want, and what you really deserve, then this is the right card to play. First impressions are important.

Guys have more often been described as visual creatures and this means that almost seventy percent of the time, they are driven by what they see. This simply explains why some men will have a change of heart once there is a more attractive person in the equation. Do your best to get your potential love interest to notice you, and make sure you make a strong first impression. 

Look in his eyes

I love how magicians will tell you to focus your eyes on a certain item, then all over sudden it disappears. Ok, I am not here to teach some magic tricks but rather to pinpoint the importance of focused eye contact. Making, and maintaining eye contact is actually a stronghold for announcing your intent to the other party. This works two ways actually. Make sure that when you get the chance make eye contact it’s in a kind and unassuming way. A few glances in your future date’s direction will make it easier to start up a conversation.

Speak to him

This should be obvious. It’s hard to get someone’s phone number without speak to them. The thing about holding a good conversation is that it will lead to getting a number. Imagine how many impossible business deals have been struck over a cup of coffee, no presentation, no boardroom, just a good chat. Learn to be a good conversationalist and this will definitely make the guy want to hear more from you. A good conversation should leave both you, and your future date, in a state of excitement and delight.

You want to do more than just hear yourself talk. It’s important to ask questions and be interested, in order for the guy to be interested in you. However, if you are not such a good conversationalist, there are sites that let you talk to some pretty amazing guys. This is a great way to practice before making a move on your dream guy. These sites like free gay talk line phone numbers connect you with interesting people, and is a great way to practice your conversation skills

Respect his space

Holding eye contact, and making a good first impression by dressing up to scale, can help to attract the right guy and land his number, however, before you approach make sure to respect personal space. Personal space is one of the most important things to put into consideration when talking to a guy for the first time. It can be irritating, and also uncomfortable having someone standing too closely, or making physical contact before it’s appropriate to do so. Coming on too strong by not respecting another’s personal space can be interpreted in very many ways. For one it may show that you lack respect for yourself, and secondly it may show that you are quite desperate.

When you keep your behavior casual from the first conversation you leave the other person wanting to get not only more of the conversation, but also more of you. This way when ask to exchange contacts, the idea will be quickly accepted.

Compliment him

Everyone wants to feel good, attractive, important, wanted – all these things. This is actually a thing that you can use to your advantage. Compliment your potential date, and tell him how good they look. You can point out specific features that you have noticed, in a respectful way, to make them feel appreciated.

Making a potential date feel good about himself by giving great compliments could be exactly what your date wants to hear. Make sure to be genuine. Appreciating the wonderful qualities of your potential date is a great way to ease the awkwardness of asking for a number.  

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