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How To Have A Thought Provoking Conversation


Recently I published a post on what I think it takes to make someone like you. You must make them think, make them laugh and make them want to sleep with you. Whether you find all three difficult to accomplish or are struggling with just one, here is my advice for making yourself seem thought provoking, how to make your date think.

No matter where you might be its possible that you and a stranger will engage in conversation.
As creatures of habits the conversation is likely to start off like many conversations that you’ve had before. You tell them your name they ask you what you do for a living and where you are from blah, blah, blah. When you want to create positive thoughts with someone you’ve just met its important to seem interesting and thought provoking in just a few sentences. Here are my ideas on how to achieve this.

Be Up To Date On Current Events

When you are aware of what’s going on in the world it’s surprisingly easy to make references in conversation. It seems that no matter what topic is brought up there is some relevant local of national news story to refer to. You don’t have to be a genius to pick up a paper and many news outlets are accessible online. You can even follow current events on twitter. Knowing about up to date important issues makes you seem intelligent thus interesting. You may also be telling the person about something they don’t know about which might encourage them to look into thus think of you when they do.

Use Sarcasm To Peak Their Interest

Personally I hate sarcasm but I can recognize when someone is using it as a way to seem unique. When it comes to boring answers and mundane conversation sarcasm is a great way to shake things up. Telling someone you’re a professional button maker or you paint ceramic gnomes is kind of cute. It shows that you don’t take yourself too serious and you keep the other person on their toes. Now this other person has to pay attention to what you’re saying unsure of whether to believe it or not.

Ask A Question

Ask a question about what this person has mentioned. I hope you’re listening in the conversation because asking an in depth question about whatever you may be talking about provokes thought instantly, especially if they don’t know the answer. Ask them how the company they work for was started. Ask them who their council representative is. Ask them if they know about a festival that used to take place in their neighborhood. Whatever you ask, make it creative and interesting. Talk about that topic for a moment and I guarantee it will get this potential date thinking.

Be Provocative

Making someone think is all about being interesting. Not only is what you say about yourself important but also what you ask of the other person. You want your conversation to be unique, like one this person has never had before. You want the conversation to be memorable and after you walk away from this person you want to leave reminders of yourself. Doing this takes concerted effort on your part to want to set yourself apart. Just as the famous song says “…Think about what you’re trying to do to me.” You better think and you want your potential date to think too.

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