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How to Have the Perfect Self-Care Night After a Breakup

How to Have the Perfect Self-Care Night After a Breakup

Ouch. Breakups are not fun. After hours of back and forth, many tears shed, and a final decision made, you’re probably feeling raw and vulnerable. It’s totally okay if you’re feeling down. In fact, it’s to be expected. 

You’ve seen it in the movies, but it’s just as relevant in real life. The night after a breakup, it’s time to go all-out and take care of yourself. Treat yourself to the sweets, treats, movies and music that feel right. We’ll walk you through what you need for the perfect self-care night after any breakup, no matter how bad. 

Bust out the snacks

Healthy eating is part of an overall healthy lifestyle. However, tonight is not the night for that. Tonight, it’s all about treating yourself to whatever’s going to make you feel okay through the misery of an ended love affair. 

These are some of our favorite breakup treats; we think you should try them out too: 

  • Delicious ice cream: duh, eat the whole pint like no one’s watching.
  • Pizza: if you’re more of a savory flavor lover, indulge in a large pizza all for yourself.
  • Burgers: one burger and some fries? Nah, how about 3 burgers and six potatoes’ worth.
  • Double-stuffed cream cookies: just pound em down.
  • Popcorn: you can easily eat your way through 5 or 6 bags. Go on, you deserve it.

Okay, so maybe you don’t need to go totally overboard with the junk food. But, still, it’s a good idea to at least treat yourself to a little special something all for you. 

Take your mind off things

Grieving takes time, and emotional processing takes even longer. It’s okay if you’re not ready, the very night of a breakup, to start working through everything that went wrong. Sometimes you just need to take your mind off things and feel a little sense of normalcy. 

Find something that will take your mind off things, like one of these great activities:

  • Call up your best friend, and tell them you want to talk about just about anything except the breakup. Chat, laugh, banter, and have a good time.
  • Put on your favorite movies. You were saving that 5th re-watch for a special time, right? Well, that time has come. Put on that movie and dive into every line like only you know how.
  • Go for a long walk. Take in the sights, smell the air, maybe stop for a snack at a restaurant you know and love. Life is long and full of twists and turns, and now’s the time to take it all in.
  • Take a bath with all the fixins. Candles, luxury bath bomb, face mask, incense, exfoliating scrubs, leave-in conditioner – the works. 

Showing yourself love and compassion after a difficult ordeal like a breakup is a great way to still feel loved and cared for, which is essential when you’ve just lost a partner.

Get a good night’s sleep

Sleep is your body’s natural way of healing itself, whether your wounds are bodily or mental. Sleep gives your mind time to work through subconscious emotions, ones that you might not be immediately aware of as your mind races through other things in the wake of a breakup. In order to ensure a good night’s sleep on the difficult night of a breakup, try out these sleep tips:

  • Go through your regular nightly routine. Shower, brush your teeth, listen to your favorite music, read a book – whatever it is you do to get yourself in a restful state.
  • Try out a GABA sleep aid supplement, which can naturally and peacefully lull you into a restful slumber.
  • Try to turn off your phone and other distracting screens. The harsh blue light will make it difficult for your mind to wind down, and you may be tempted to start scrolling through you-know-who’s social media.
  • Let yourself cry. It’s okay if you need to let it all out in a big, blubbering wallow session. Breakups are so hard, and letting go of someone you cared about is one of life’s most challenging events. After you cry, your body will likely be exhausted, so you’ll naturally fall into a deep sleep.

Breakups are not fun. And on the very night they happen, your mind can be spinning. Instead of doing something rash, take care of yourself – you’ll feel better in the end. 

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