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How To Meditate For A Relationship

How To Meditate For A Relationship

There is one solution to getting the relationship that you truly desire and that’s to get absolutely clear on what you want.

It’s bad enough that most single men and women have no strategy when it comes to dating, and they actually believe that it will just “happen”.

They are also unclear about who they want to date and how they want to feel in the relationship. You will never have the relationships that you want until you’re absolutely clear about what it will look like. Many people are afraid to be this succinct in their romantic desires. Single men and women would rather be chosen by someone else than take responsibility for creating love in their life.

This vague approach dating is likely keeping you single.

Instead of constantly worrying about when love will happen you can actually make it happen by using clarity and meditation. The hesitation singles have about being involved in their love lives comes from the false belief that love just happens or that love is luck.

Winning the lottery is luck because it only happens to some and not others. Love is for everyone.

Although choosing a life partner is one of the most important decisions we’ll ever make, most singles resign the responsibility to luck or God, or the Universe. Whether knowingly or unknowingly they are creating their results by default.

Meditation is the best way to create results on purpose and to place intention over your. You can use the following method to meditate and create love in your life.

Take 5 minutes out of your day, about twice a day, to be still, calm and sit quietly with your eyes closed.

Imagine yourself with your ideal partner on various dates.

(First maybe at the movies, then on a vacation, finally laying in bed today on a lazy Sunday morning.)

Before you open your eyes, repeat the phrase, “It is done,” a few times.

Does this sound overly simple? It should because it is. You would be shocked at what a few moments of dedicated thoughts can do for your life. The alternative is to do nothing or to do everything with such a high level of skepticism you never create the results that you like. If you will take a few moments on a daily basis to implement the following exercise you will see the results almost immediately.

The key is to embrace the response from the Universe willingly.

Accept the party invitations, take a new route to work, or make the little changes in your routine that you feel your intuition is telling you to make. It is guiding you to the perfect opportunity to meet the right person. I hope this was helpful.

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