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Still Single… Blame Timing

Still Single… Blame Timing

Timing is everything.

Dating isn’t about luck; it’s about timing. Unlike luck great timing takes preparation and planning. If you want to meet the right person for you, even “the one” you have to pay close attention to timing. The concept of timing is incredibly important because one thing is for sure: we constantly meet the wrong people at the right time and vice versa. This happens more often than you think.

If you have an ex or former flame that you swore was your soul mate, only to have the relationship fall apart, then you can blame timing. Meeting the right person at the wrong time can keep you in a relationship longer than you should be. You believe in your heart that this is the person for you and if you wait long enough, they’ll warm up to the idea themselves.

You’re not wrong.

You are with the right person it’s just not the right time for either of you.

It often happens that we meet the wrong person at the right time. We are vulnerable, lonely, ready for love and practically desperate for change.

A new relationship comes along and although its not ideal or fulfilling we proceed. We believe in the “everything happens for a reason” theory and we convince ourselves that there must be some merit to this relationship of we wouldn’t want it at all.

Many people have a past relationship they look back on and wonder how that partnership started and lasted as long as it did. You can blame timing.

Timing is what makes dating look like luck. Successful relationships start when two people are ready for the same level of commitment and contribution at the same time.

So how can you create that same serendipitous opportunity in your own love life today?


Surround yourself with as many opportunities to meet new people as you can. Be open to joining new groups and making new friends that will expand your social circle wider than ever before. Try new places, travel and make a dedicated effort to actively socialize.


Visualize yourself on the perfect date a few minutes a day. Train your mind to enjoy the dating process through meditation even if it’s not actually happening in real life. Use this visualization technique to create positive feelings around dating that will help you to reframe how you currently see dating.


Every one has an area of weakness in dating. What is yours? Sometimes the best way to use timing to your advantage is to practice strengthening your weak spots. If you’re shy then practice saying hello to more people or casually giving compliments.

If you’re often under dressed, make it a habit to dress your best when you’d typically wear sweats or jeans. If you tend to stay home during the week find an activity that draws you out of the house.

Practicing in areas that you’re lacking competence pushes you out of your comfort zone as well as helps you to gain confidence. The key to practicing is not getting attached to the results. The goal is just to do it.

The beauty of timing is that it supports risk taking.

When you decide to make a different decision than you normally would timing can work in your favor and meeting the person of your dreams could be the result.

The key to timing is change. You have to be ready to make new decisions and sometimes take a different path that you normally would. You have to be willing to let go of those right people wrong time relationships and look forward to what’s next. You won’t be single forever, but dating isn’t luck. It’s timing. I hope this was helpful.


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