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5 Ways to Impress Your Partner in The Bedroom

5 Ways to Impress Your Partner in The Bedroom

Let’s talk about sex. It’s something that most, if not all, relationships will experiment with at some point along the line. It can be a very…delicate experience; both you and/or your partner are very vulnerable. There’s a certain amount of anxiety that comes with that level of vulnerability.

You wonder about your experience. Will it be good or bad? Will you enjoy it? Will your partner enjoy it? That said, there are ways to impress your partner; let’s look at five ways to impress your partner during your bedroom fun-time!

1. Experiment with Different Techniques 

Let’s face it; if you’re doing the same thing over and over again it’ll get boring very quickly. Why not switch things up a bit?

New sex positions create new and interesting opportunities for pleasure. Maybe try extending the foreplay a bit before doing something a bit unexpected to surprise your partner. This heightens excitement on both sides and can lead to some powerful responses. Experimentation should also incorporate feedback to accompany the spontaneity. Being spontaneous is fun and all but listening and reacting to your partner’s feedback allows you to learn some new tricks while sharpening old ones. Whether you’re giving or receiving pleasure, trying new things can be an interesting and intense experience.

Other ways to experiment can include the use of toys and/or light bondage (if you’re into that sort of thing) – just make sure to talk to your partner before trying anything too extreme. 

2. No Assumptions; Drop a Hint or Two FIRST!

Let’s start with something obvious, not everyone likes the same thing – especially when it comes to sex. Some guys like being tied up and gagged, others don’t, some girls like oral sex and some don’t. This is where the verbal communication comes into play, knowing ahead of time that your girlfriend isn’t comfortable with you going down on her means you won’t do so without first getting her comfortable. This can be done either verbally (i.e. “would you like to try this?”) or through foreplay. Let’s expand on this latter example.

Offering to go down on her might seem a little crude but it helps to let her know that you care about her opinion and want her to be comfortable.

Where does the foreplay come in? Well, this is where you drop hints of what you can do! If we look at the previous examples, you’re kissing your girlfriend/wife and you move downward across their chest and abdomen – pausing every now and then to make eye contact and check that she’s fine.

Now, this is something that you should have discussed ahead of time but if, for whatever reason, it wasn’t discussed (maybe it was an embarrassing topic for you both); you may want to check in and make sure she’s okay with it. Don’t make any assumptions on this! She may get the idea of what you’d like to do and not be comfortable with it; but she may also not be comfortable telling you to back off and do something else. She might also NOT get the idea and not say anything as she’s not expecting it to happen.

Either way; you don’t want to ruin the moment by making her uncomfortable so check in. It can be as simple as asking “are you okay with this?” or “should I stop or keep going?” anything along those lines to let her know that she’s safe and that she has a choice will help to make her feel more comfortable with you. This applies to both partners; a little compassion goes a long way.

3. Stay Focused and DON’T RUSH THINGS!

Get a good pace going but don’t rush! Intimacy should be mutually enjoyable and rushing things along can lead to a disappointing experience on both sides. Stay focused on the here and now and worry about the paperwork you still have to finish later on.

Take your time, let the experience last for a while; treat this as a chance to escape the real world for a bit. Rushing things along means that you won’t actually be able to give or respond to feedback which results in an unsatisfactory experience on both sides. You have the time so use it.

4. Try Sildenafil

Yes, like most articles on this topic; we’re talking about Viagra. Viagra is a drug that allows men to get and maintain an erection. This allows for an extended performance of sorts; which I’m sure most partners can appreciate. Something to keep in mind about Viagra and stimulants in general, however, is that most, if not all of them are prescription-based drugs. In other words, you’ll have to get a medical prescription from a doctor before you can use them. That said, don’t use more than the amount prescribed; some of these things can have some rather unpleasant side-effects.

There are other stimulants to aid in arousal and orgasm-related issues such as Suhagra as well but, and I doubt I need to explain this: not all of them are safe and/or legal. 

5. Create Intimacy Afterwards

Remember what I said about a little compassion going a long way? Don’t just get up and leave after all’s said and done. I’m not saying don’t leave at all, but don’t be in a rush to take off after having sex. The afterglow is where you bond non-sexually; you talk, laugh, cry and just generally get closer to each other emotionally. If you just grab your jeans and leave immediately after finishing could damage a relationship – especially a new relationship.

Sticking around makes your partner feel wanted, safe, and cared for. This is a huge positive in a relationship; particularly if your partner has had negative past experiences because it shows that you actually care about more than just carnal pleasure. 

When it comes to impressing your partner in the bedroom, whether it’s a new relationship or an established one; it’s not just your physical performance that matters. Your bedside manner – for lack of a better description – is just as important and can lead to a long and happy relationship.

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