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3 Ways To Make A First Date Amazing

3 Ways To Make A First Date Amazing

Contrary to popular belief, first dates aren’t interviews. They’re opportunities for others to experience us. We don’t have to tell our life stories or pass an exam we just have to be the best version of ourselves. It’s a chance to be the person you truly want to be because this person has ZERO expectations of you.

They don’t know that you tell the worst jokes or that you’re bad with money. They have no idea that addicted to Netflix or sleep with a stuffed animal.

These 3 steps will help you make the first date an awesome time and secure you date number two. The purpose of the first date is to get a second date.

1. Look for ways to plan date number two.

Whenever your date mentions an interest your response should be “We should do that.” If they love bowling, camping, concerts etc. you should immediately suggest doing it together.

The mistake singles make is bringing the second date after the first date is over. When you indicate that you would like to spend time with someone again you are empowering yourself. You are now the person making decisions.

2.  Say what you’re feeling.

Too many people wait until the date has ended to say they had a good time. Let your date know throughout the date how you feel.

“I’m having a great time with you.”

“I really like your company.”

“You make me laugh, you’re so funny.”

These verbal check-ins are affirmations that make your date feel good about themselves. Too often we are so insecure that we forget our date might be feeling the exact same way. Someone has to step up to the plate and it might as well be you.

3.  Plan a date you’re excited about.

A first doesn’t have to be elaborate. It should be an activity that you really enjoy. When you are relaxed and in your element you are more passionate and that energy will translate to your date.

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