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Muslim Dating App Muzmatch Proves Dating Apps Do Work

Muslim Dating App Muzmatch Proves Dating Apps Do Work

Contrary to popular belief, dating apps aren’t killing romance. In fact, as more and more singles view online dating as a viable, and reputable source of meeting potential partners, dating apps have proven to actually have changed dating for the better.

Online dating has led to a rise in interracial relationships, given same sex couples an opportunity to meet more often, and created 13% of all marriages. So why does it still seem so hard to find love when swiping left, and right? For Muslim dating app Muzmatch – it isn’t.

Since launch in 2015, Muzmatch has attracted 500k users across 150 countries and according to the site, has helped 15,000 single muslims find love.

While these numbers may not wow in comparison to Tinder – which generates millions of matches per day. It’s quite impressive when other dating apps, especially those not under the Match group umbrella, are failing.

So what is the secret to success for Muzmatch?


When you create a profile with Muzmatch, you keep your photos hidden, and use a nickname to remain anonymous to friends and family. Privacy has become an after thought for dating apps these days. Especially those leaning more and more towards video.

The opposite of privacy are features like Tinder social. A failed release that allowed friends book possible group dates. Hinge also launched Matchmaker, a feature that allowed friends to get in the game by suggesting potential dates, via your Facebook connections. The truth about most single men and women, is they don’t want other people to know that they’re looking for love.

Although most singles don’t view using a dating app as taboo, they don’t want their social circle to know what sites they’re using. Why? Because looking for love is still somewhat embarrassing. The ability to browse anonymously might be a breeding ground for creeps in the Western world, in other communities it has incredible appeal.


Another huge difference in Muzmatch, compared to other apps, is their direct value proposition. Get Muzmatch, get married. Dating apps are commonly used for a variety of reasons, marriage being one of them. When you define your app by such a distinct value proposition two things happen. You attract women, and the women attract men. By proxy where the women go, the men follow. No matter how progressive a society, marriage is a driving force behind many women’s decisions. MRS, degree anyone? By advertising a specific value – marriage- Muzmatch is promoting other inherent values important to their audience such as commitment, family, and partnership.

When you promise, and can prove to deliver a life partner, women will use the site more regularly. We’ve seen such success with OkCupid, and Eharmony.


There’s a popular slang term: same, same but different. That would be the best way that to describe the complexity of Muzmatch users. As a dating app for Muslim singles everyone is the same, while uniquely different, at the same time. Religion is the connecting thread between the users, but because Muzmatch operates in countries around the world, they are tapping into many “differences” that appeal to singles.

Diversity is the one missing ingredient that apps get wrong, and suffer because of i.e Coffee Meets Bagel, The League, Christian Mingle, just to name a few.

In general, dating apps notoriously lack diversity. Not only have most dating apps failed to acquire more non-white users, their marketing has specifically targeted white users. As seen in their college campus events where Tinder and Bumble only visit historically white fraternities and sororities. What Muzmatch recently capitalized on, was a campaign featuring black, Motown icon Lionel Richie, which launched on buses in Birmingham, England. Genius. They also feature non-white muslims in their most recent television ads.

With their success so far, it seems like founders, Shahzad Younas and Ryan Brodie have tapped into the secret of sending the right messages to the right audience. They understand their users, and they’re making marriage seem cool again.

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