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How To Give A Man The Only Thing He Wants From A Woman

How To Give A Man The Only Thing He Wants From A Woman

Every time I hear the adage everyone deserves to be treated with respect, I have a physical reaction; it’s me rolling my eyes. While I believe respect should be given freely and automatically, it should only be given to people you actually like. I read a comment on the post, ‘How to Satisfy (and Keep!) a Man’ where the reader stated a man needed to earn her respect. This sentiment I’ve heard from many women before but newsflash, a man shouldn’t have to earn your respect; you should give it.

Rejection isn’t necessarily disrespectful. When a man approaches me that I don’t want to talk to, especially one who cat calls me and I refuse to respond with words, that is not disrespectful. When a man asks me what my name is and I lie, I don’t consider that disrespectful.

Dating is dangerous. I am looking out for my personal well-being, I’m keeping myself safe by keeping a safe distance between a stranger and myself; that is not disrespectful. So when you decide that you want to talk to or approach someone for the first time, it’s a risk; they don’t owe you respect. In fact, they don’t owe you anything.

One definition of respect means: to give high or special regard, once you agree to a date with a man, you should respect him and here is how.

Be on time

I have a firm theory that women are late because looking good is their priority. The rule goes, if you put anything before being on time you will be late. Women are late because looking our best is just more important than being on time. I’m not saying its okay to be late but I understand anything under 20 minutes. If you really want to show a man that you respect him, get your ass there in a timely fashion. If he likes you and you like him, it’s the least you can do. A few minutes will matter little to a man once he sees how stunning you look but do your best to keep it reasonable.

Don’t talk about other men

Most dating experts will tell singles not to talk about their ex’s on a date and what do they do? Talk about their ex’s on a date. While a man may encourage or coax you to be open about your past, don’t fall into the trap. Men don’t want to hear about other men, don’t try to make your date the exception.

Stand up to him

When we do things that we don’t agree with out of fear, that’s not respect. Show him respect by respecting yourself. No one wants to be with a pushover. Give him the courtesy of being honest. Some women think that by doing what a man wants them to do it wins him over but in actuality, he wants to make you happy. At least he should, depriving him of that makes it seem like you don’t respect his intentions furthermore his integrity. Let him be the man, take the lead and be honest about what you want.

If you think a man has to earn your respect, the joke is on you. Why accept a date from a person who you haven’t decided whether to hold in high regard or not?You should qualify everyone you choose to spend your time with, that means giving them respect freely and without stipulations.

Don’t date believing anyone has to earn your respect, the challenge shouldn’t be getting it, it’s keeping it.

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