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Signs Your F*ckbuddy Is Falling For You

Signs Your F*ckbuddy Is Falling For You

If you are someone who has their f*ckbuddy for the sole purpose of fucking, acknowledging that he/she might have feelings for you can be extremely scary. On the one hand, you don’t want it to be true because you enjoy having sex with him/her.

On the other hand, if you aren’t a monster, you don’t want to hurt him/her by either addressing it or breaking it off completely. But, if you are worried that your f*ckbuddy has feelings for you, but you aren’t sure, take a look at our list of signs that they have fallen for you.

If you believe whole-heartedly that they are falling, the responsible thing to do would be to address it and have a conversation with your fuckbuddy. Continuing the relationship without a healthy conversation lends itself to a lot of hurt that your f*ckbuddy will feel. You may not be emotionally attached to your f*ckbuddy, but he/she is a human and does have feelings. In addition, if you turn out to be right about their feelings, you’ll allow them to move on and free up your time for a replacement fuckbuddy!

He/She texts you constantly
“[Constant texting] is a clear sign that your f*ck buddy is thinking of you outside of the bedroom and on a regular basis,” says hookup expert Matilda Bradley of BuddyBang, a site that helps you find local fuckbuddies. “It could be a text that is as simple as a joke or a meme, but that does not mean that the true nature of it is casual.”

F*ckbuddies who text each other for reasons other than meeting up are fairly rare. Honestly, it’s a situation that should be avoided. Take pause if yourf*ckbuddyis texting you often, whether it’s texting you to ‘see how you are,’ or texting you to simply chat.

He/She asks you emotional or personal questions

This is an indication that your f*ckbuddy wants to be involved in your personal life. The closest that he/she can get at the moment is asking you these questions. They might be questions about your friends/family or questions that are likely to elicit an emotional response (perhaps having to do with religion, morbid topics, or topics relating to love). If your f*ckbuddy tries to get you to open up and you are not looking for anything serious with him/her, redirect the conversation to something more light and breezy. The deeper you get, the more complicated the relationship will be.

He/She introduces you to his/her friends

If a f*ckbuddy attempts to introduce you to his/her friends in either a private setting (like a gathering at his/her house) or in public (like a bar), there’s a high chance that your f*ckbuddy wants you to become involved in his/her personal life. There’s also a chance that your f*ckbuddy wants your friends to read the situation to see if there’s potential for something more to come of the relationship. You should clearly express to your f*ckbuddy that you aren’t interested in gatherings like this because you are only looking for something sexual.

He/She blows up your social media or posts about you

This is a form of PDA and is likely an attempt to show ownership over you within the relationship. Commenting on your posts is the equivalent of holding your hand in public. It can be used as a manipulative technique to make sure that potential suitors stay away from you. If he/she posts stories of you to their own social media profiles, that means that they are not afraid (and in fact, desire) to share your relationship with the world. Both blowing up your social media and posting on his/her own social media pages are very big red flags within the f*ckbuddy relationship.

He/She asks if you have other f*ckbuddies

If your f*ckbuddy demonstrates any amount of insecurity involving potential others, this should come as a big warning sign that he/she is into you. It’s very unlikely that your partner is ‘just curious’ unless he/she is asking in the context of safety.

Wanting to know if you are having unprotected sex with others is very normal and not an insecure question. Asking about others in any other fashion is dangerous territory. You should make a mental note if your f*ckbuddy ever asks about other partners and make it very clear that you are just looking for a physical reprieve when it comes to your relationship with him/her.

He/She seeks your approval

If your f*ckbuddy seems to be trying to impress or agree with you on a consistent basis, he/she probably wants something more than an FWB relationship with you.

He/she obviously cares about your opinion and emotional response to him/her, which absolutely goes beyond the lines of the f*ckbuddy relationship. Attempting to impress every now and then is a simple act of human nature (we all want to be cool) and shouldn’t worry you. It should only concern you if it is constant.

He/She tries to create public or date-like situations

This is a way for a f*ckbuddy who feels something more to create a date situation for himself/herself without actually asking you if you want something more. He/She is trying to put you in a scenario that feels like a relationship with the hopes that it will become one.

You really should never find yourself in a date-like situation with your fuckbuddy. If you do or if your f*ckbuddy asks you to go to dinner, a movie, or out for drinks, you can let them know that you don’t have time for it and that’s the reason why you enjoy having him/her as a fuckbuddy.

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