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The Missing Link In Your Love Life

The Missing Link In Your Love Life

Dating has definitely changed over the last thirty years.

Since we meet people differently many experts argue that we just don’t date anymore. Many people believe that technology has ruined modern day dating and that we’re currently living in a hookup culture.

The times are different.Many systems have changed in our society. The way we cook our food, find information and book plane tickets have also changed but what hasn’t changed are the core desires behind these actions.

We still need to eat, learn and get to our destinations. No matter how the process has changed, when it comes to dating, our core desire hasn’t. We all need to express love.

In today’s society no matter how you date, you need to love and be loved.

The question is how will you find it?
The only way to find love is to create a philosophy of assurance. You have to just know that you will.

Critics say that online dating, dating apps and heavily populated cities have ruined traditional dating by creating too many options.

It’s not our options that have ruined dating; it’s our doubt.

There was a time when you just knew you would get married. There was no doubt and there was no question. You truly believed that it would happen for you when the time was right.

Can you honestly say that you feel that way today?

What our society has created within all of us is doubt. We listen to statistics, and studies that slim our odds. We believe that you have to be beautiful, wealthy, privileged, lucky or young to find love.

There hasn’t been a time in our society’s history that we’ve been more cynical and pessimistic about dating.

With increased options and more access to potential dates you would think more singles would feel optimistic. How could they not find someone with so many modern day technologies to help them in the process? How is it that more singles feel less certain they’ll find love today after thirty than thirty years ago?

What the world has told us and taught us about dating is that more options means less chances. Society treats the abundance of choice like a lottery instead of a luxury. The one thing they have in common is that those who win always feel lucky.

Love, however isn’t about luck. Love is your right.

It’s not found in shallow connections, winks and swipes but in the unwavering belief that it will be found. More accurately, it will find you. Remove the doubt. Create a new philosophy and trust that you will find the right person.

Base your philosophy not on experience, statistics or propaganda. Base your belief on the simple truth which is, whether you believe that you will or you wont’, you’ll be right

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