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Turn Likability Into Loyalty

Turn Likability Into Loyalty

The most challenging aspect in dating is gaining loyalty from someone else.

In this 2-minute video I share with you my F.L.I.R.T FIX (Find Love In Record Time) for gaining loyalty from a potential partner.

The key is to make dating you challenging.

Many of us make dating us far too easy. We don’t place many requirements on our dates because we like them and we’re afraid being a challenge might turn them off. We’re easy-going and hardly ever complain or fuss. In fact, we often go out of our way to be extra kind to those we like because we like them so much. We assume that our kindness will be appreciated.

When you start a courtship your kindness can seem like an asset. You both enjoy each other’s company and you’re certain that this person shares the same feelings for you as you for them.

However, when it comes to taking the relationship to the next thing, suddenly you’re the only one ready for commitment.

Start off the courtship by being someone who has to be won over.

  • Don’t answer every call or text back immediately
  • Ask for small favors from your potential partner
  • Don’t accept last minute invitations
  • Always end the date first
  • Say “No” sometimes

If these behaviors seem like a game to you, then I ask that you reframe your perspective. A confident person doesn’t think twice about displaying these behaviors. They don’t text back immediately because they’re busy and not waiting by the phone. They ask for small favors because they understand that it’s not a turn-off.

Confident people won’t accept last minute invitations unless their schedules allows. They will likely end the date first.

In fact, these are probably the same behaviors you’ve experienced from others that drove you to want them more. Why not do them yourself and put the power back into your hands. Consider ways that you can make yourself a prize to win over and be strict about what’s required to date you. A worthy partner will be up for the challenge.

I hope this was helpful.


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