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The Most Desirable Quality Every Woman Needs

In order to have your way with men, you must be fun to be around.

It might sound trivial or superficial but the biggest complaint I get from the most desirable men I know is that: women aren’t fun. What do I mean by “fun”? Let me break it down to you. It isn’t about whether the food is perfect or if this man is the love of your life or not, it’s about an appreciation for spending time with someone new. It’s about the joy you have for life and the thrill you get from dressing up and feeling sexy.

Ask yourself, “Can I make this night the best time of my life?”

In this episode of The Single in Stilettos show I talk with host Suzanne Oshima about why being fun makes you more desirable. 

The key to making a man fall head over heels for you is to make being around you fun. Make every moment with you like riding a roller coaster, a pure thrill.

Be flirty.

Don’t be afraid of sending the wrong message to a man. Flirting is nothing more than smiling and speaking positively. Laughing is a great indication that you’re flirting properly. If you aren’t smiling and laughing then you won’t be perceived as fun.

Be spontaneous.

Be open to the idea that you aren’t being judged so it’s ok to look a little silly. Get your hair wet; feel awkward, and even embarrasses yourself. It’s worth it all in the name of fun.

Be lighthearted.

Remember that everything a man does and everything he says is for you to evaluate after the date. If he mentions a topic that rubs you the wrong way just don’t go out with him again. Our egos constantly encourage us to defend it. We must let other know how smart we are, interesting, talented and special. Don’t take yourself so seriously that you forget something very important. You don’t have to impress anyone. Impressing men is for insecure women only.

Be Fun.

Being fun is an important skill to cultivate because it’s the best representation of you. How else would you like to be perceived? Remind yourself that if you aren’t having fun you can end the date and never speak to him again. Set the intention that you want to feel good and make your date feel good as well. Commit to having fun around them and men will always want to be around you.

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