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The X Factor That Makes You More Attractive

The X Factor That Makes You More Attractive

If you want potential dates to be open and receptive to dating you it’s critical to maintain a high level of positive energy.

In this video I explain why positive energy is so important and how you can improve your personal energy and build a connection with new people.

We communicate in three ways through words, body language and with our energy. Unfortunately too many singles think negatively about themselves. They harbor a bad attitude about who they are and that attitude is adopted by potential dates.

Energy is transferred but it can’t always be interpreted. It’s that je ne sais quoi. Your personal energy, when felt by others, can increase chemistry and trust or it can diminish it.

If you don’t like yourself then other people won’t like you.

Our personal energy tells other people how to feel about us.
If someone believes your energy and your actions are incongruent, they will mistrust you.

Your negative energy makes you come across as ‘not that great’ or ‘not that important’ because inside that’s how you truly feel. What you will find that the most charismatic people have in common is that on a core level they like themselves. If you don’t like yourself no matter how well you think you’re fooling your audience your energy will give you away.

It’s important to give yourself a pep talk and make sure that you’re feeling good about yourself before going on a date or meeting potential dates. Your positive self-talk will not only make others feel at ease around you but it will make them like you more.

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