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The One Thing Holding You Back In Dating

The One Thing Holding You Back In Dating

Have you ever wondered why you’re still single despite how sincerely you would like a loving relationship?

Your attitude plays a bigger role in your life than most people realize. When you have a certain feeling towards something it tends to be (to put it simply) good, bad or indifferent. I want you to ask yourself, “How do I feel about dating?”

This can be complicated.

On one hand dating for many means a path to a relationship, then marriage. There is no specific way to feel about it, other than it’s a necessary evil. Obviously, to get the commitment that you’re looking for it might include dating.

For others, dating is a liberating experience that allows you to explore yourself. Men who date multiple women enjoy the freedom, variety and adoration that come with being single. It’s exciting and a challenge. The way you feel about dating limits or enhances your experience. Many singles accept beliefs about the opposite gender that aren’t true. Some singles embrace stereotypes.

If you have ever convinced yourself that you can date this type of person but not that type, your attitude is pulling rank over common sense. The truth is, you can date anyone. The same way you can afford anything. But under what circumstances and with what sacrifice?

You have to accept above all else that our attitudes shape our behaviors. Whatever it is we believe helps mold our experiences.

For example:

  • He’ll only like me if I have sex with him
  • She expects me to spend lots of money on her
  • I can’t date attractive people, because they’re superficial
  • I’m smarter than most good-looking people
  • It’s who you are on the inside that counts

If you have ever thought similar thoughts, you might be in need of an attitude adjustment.

What you have accepted about yourself and others when it comes to relationships, isn’t accurate. Your perspective is skewed. For the many singles who believe that they’re too picky, but are doing everything right yet somehow love has eluded them; it isn’t love’s fault, it’s yours.

If you are completely convinced that you are on the right path but have been unsuccessful in your endeavors let me propose a solution.

Shift your attitude. Instead of drawing a negative conclusion, choose to be positive. Allow yourself to adjust your perspective by admitting that you just don’t know and choose not to assume. Whatever you thought about potential dates might be wrong and don’t be afraid to admit it.

If you have trouble truly identifying your attitude, adopt a new one entirely. Tell yourself, “Dating is a way for me to share my experiences with others and to learn about new people.” The moment you can master that concept the happier you’ll be.


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