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What Men Find Attractive

What Men Find Attractive

It’s a natural thought when we see a cute couple to wonder, “How did she get that guy?”

The first and most difficult step in dating is attracting potential dates. If the right men aren’t hitting on you left and right, it can make women feel invisible.

What do you have to do to get a man’s attention! Not only do you want to get his attention, you want to keep it. You also want to separate yourself from the many women that might be vying for the same guys attention.


Being sexy and smart are wonderful qualities that most women can pull off in their sleep. If you want to set yourself apart in the dating world, and appeal to men in a unique way, the qualities that men really love, might not seem sexy at all.


This is also known as consistent.

One week you’re vegan, the next week you’re studying to be a life coach, the week after that you’re redecorating your room and the week after that you’re planning a month long trip to Eastern Europe.

You might think, “That’s not me.” And sure maybe I’m exaggerating a little but many women don’t realize how inconsistent their life really is.

Take a moment to think about what your life is like at this moment.

  • Is it structured?
  • Is it stable?
  • Are you consistent in your behavior and beliefs?

Or are you on a constant life roller coaster of ups and downs?

There’s nothing wrong with trying to grow but if you’re in a constant state of “progress” and your life is always “under construction” it can be a turn off.

Stability can mean a steady income or a balanced life, one that doesn’t include extreme highs or extreme lows.

Create a schedule for yourself that balances work and hobbies, one that engages you and that’s inviting to someone else.

Emotional Maturity

Can you manage your emotions? As an adult, we never want to hear that we’re not in control of the multiple aspects of our lives. But our emotions can be that tricky subject that we don’t understand as much as we wish we did.

Any woman who clearly realizes why she feels the way she does and can articulate her feelings in a way that is effective and calm is attractive.

Any woman who can’t control her emotions is seen as crazy. And crazy is never sexy!

Acting out of emotions can create the illusion that you might not be STABLE, which is the first quality men are looking for in any woman they pursue.

Pulled together.

This term might mean different things to different people but its more than just putting on a great outfit and makeup. Having a life that is pulled together means, first having a life.

The ability to manage work, and play is a turn on. Women can sometimes allow themselves to get overwhelmed. We work too much, we take on too many favors and projects or we over extend ourselves for friends and family.


Men, unfairly or not, are interested in complete women. The appearance that your life isn’t pulled together is a turn off. I always stress that if you appear to have a full life to the point that its overwhelming men feel like they won’t get any of your attention once they start dating you.

And the key factor isn’t just what men find attractive it’s to understand the way you’re perceived by men.

Being pulled together sends the message to a man that you will make time for him in your life but you will not make him your whole life.


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