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Dating Advice For Your Zodiac Sign

Dating Advice For Your Zodiac Sign

Wouldn’t it be amazing to understand people better? Wouldn’t life be easier if there was a cheat sheet into other’s personalities?

Zodiac signs are the fastest and most reliable way to identify patterns of behavior in people you don’t know. Whether you currently believe that astrology is real makes no difference. Put aside you doubt for a moment and consider zodiac signs mere character assessments.

I believe in the zodiac because from what I’ve read about my sign , it’s true.

Knowing when you were born can tell another person things about you that even you might not be ready to admit. You are already characterized by every brand and consumer powerhouse trying to sell you something- so why not learn the information for yourself to better your love life and get along with others?

There’s a better way to choose potential dates by understanding who you’re compatible with and pursuing those within your audience. Advertising companies use similar groupings to sell you everyday products. There is a psychology and strategy behind it, why not use the same techniques to “sell” yourself to the people you want to date?

If you want dating to get easier pursue those who are already proven to be compatible with you. Below are a few dating tips for each sign of the Zodiac, that will help to increase your dating success.

Aries- We all know that you can do it all yourself but there are wonderful qualities and talents in others. Instead of praising how good you are whether publicly or privately, praise the talent and abilities in others. Your opinion is highly valued.

Taurus- We all know that you have it all. But perfection isn’t any fun. Allow your flaws to be celebrated and accepted by showing them more often. Be authentic. You might feel like your life is perfect but YOU aren’t.

Gemini You might think of everything but you also allow yourself to over think and stress. Relax and allow others to help you. When they offer a hand, take it. You don’t have to do everything- you’ll still get the credit.

Cancer You don’t have to fear your feelings. In fact, if you shared them more often you’d realize that they’re less scary and much more common. Being stable and strong are wonderful qualities, even better when you see them in others.

Leo You’re one letter shy of Ego. Be conscious of when you’re focused more on yourself, your needs, your accomplishments and your goals than that of potential dates. You’re wonderful to get to know but extend the courtesy of getting to know others.

Virgo- Not everything relationship, courtship or interaction is going to work. Do yourself a favor and stop before anyone gets hurt. There is no prize to those who can tolerate the most. When you begin to see problems with potential dates move on.

Libra- Beware of wanting to settle for less than you deserve. Don’t cast your net too wide to give everyone a chance or too narrow to avoid new experiences. Focus solely on who you’re truly interested in, and NEVER settle.

Scorpio­- High standards exist but perfection does not. Don’t miss out on wonderful dates because they failed to meet every requirement on your list. You can be a strict judge; it won’t hurt to relax a bit.

Sagittarius- You are highly intelligent in most areas except love. Don’t be afraid to take advice from others-professional or otherwise, you don’t always know which relationships are best for you. A second opinion, including your inner voice, is needed at times.

Capricorn- You are powerful but you don’t need to wield your power either passively or aggressively. You are in charge of you but try to avoid extending that reign over who you date. Let love be an action not an order.

Aquarius- Don’t procrastinate in dating. If you know who or what you want, pursue it. Your lack of aggression can be seen as indifference. The opposite of love isn’t hate it’s indifference.

Pisces- Don’t allow yourself to be taken advantage of or made to feel guilty. Don’t date out of pity or sympathy, and don’t allow potential dates to misuse your commitment. Life isn’t fair and love isn’t balanced. Be cautious that others can’t always see your contribution so it’s ok to remind them. Just don’t brag.

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I hope this was helpful.

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