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What Will Your Love Life Look Like This Year?

What Will Your Love Life Look Like This Year?

What Will Your Love Life Look Like This Year?

  • What do you want to do in your life?
  • What are your goals?
  • Where do you see yourself, when it comes to a relationship?

Because so many people believe that love is luck and it just happens, they just don’t invest in their romantic future. What you get out of life is based on your desires. You can create the love life that you want by simply having a vision for it. As we get older, lifestyle becomes the biggest determining factor in compatibility. You want someone who will walk a mutual path with you not someone who forces you to choose one direction over another, worst expects you to abandon your direction for theirs.

Your vision for your love life should start with a feeling. Finish the following statement: When I’m with the right person I will feel____________.

The key is to avoid anyone who doesn’t ignite this primary feeling. Write this feeling down on the back of a business card and keep it with you. Use it as a reminder of they type of relationship you’re after. A vision for your love life shouldn’t be strict. If you want to maintain a spiritual lifestyle your vision shouldn’t require finding a mutually devote partner of only a specific religion (they might convert).

Choose someone who supports your faith and doesn’t require that you choose their beliefs over your own.

A vision for love means deciding specifics such as: the level of commitment you desire, the social habits you prefer like drinking or smoking, their physical health or your physical ambitions, etc. If you are committed to health and fitness than accepting a partner who impedes on your goals instead of supports them only makes a relationship more difficult. If you’re making healthy meals and heading to the gym the wrong partner could easily sabotage your efforts.

Dating with a clear vision of your life allows you to avoid partners who would make that life impossible.

If we accept the person over the lifestyle we find ourselves becoming what someone else wants us to be in order to make them happy. We settle for less than we want because we are more concerned with the interests of our partner over our own interests. At times some singles abandon their dreams and plans because it isn’t aligned with their partner’s visions.

If you are with the right person, your goals should be just as compatible.


If you’re open-minded about where you love can lead you don’t be afraid to meet someone in a different city or try online dating. If you’re willing to relocate for love, try meeting new people on vacation or when traveling for work. Don’t limit your dating pool to just your city.


If faith is a part of your life then set the standard for how you practice your religion. If you need a partner aligned with your spiritual practice then start to expand your lifestyle. Volunteer, join a meditation group, or attend bible studies at different churches. Open your opportunities through your faith to meet more people.
What are my financial goals?


How we work is a direct reflection of who we are. It’s important to find a partner whose work ethic and schedule aligns with your goals for your financial future. Don’t spend carelessly trying to impress the wrong person. Don’t put your career on hold or in jeopardy being distracted by the wrong person. Without a clear goal in mind you’re easily led down the wrong path for “love.” Keep in mind that the right person wants you to be successful. They would never interfere with your ultimate vision for yourself.

These questions also bring clarity to the person you are and who you want to be. Keep asking similar questions to get an even clearer vision for your future. By knowing what you want out of life, you learn more about yourself. Create a vision for your life for the right person to avoid altering your dreams for the wrong one. Make a plan for love now. If you wait until it just happens, it might not.

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