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What’s the Sexiest Body Spray For Women?

What’s the Sexiest Body Spray For Women?

A body spray can be the complement that gives that special touch to your appearance and manages to leave the desired effect on the people around you. To have more chances of success in your acquisition, we have created this guide in which we will tell you how to buy best body spray for women, where we explain some basic aspects of this delicate accessory.

1.   Personality

Using a body spray that is not to your liking, can be one of the most uncomfortable experiences because unless you take a shower again, you will remain impregnated in it for several hours.

That is why it is so important to analyze some aspects before acquiring a body spray, starting with considering your personality, which is one of the main objectives of using this article in your hygiene routine, since it tries to project to others the character traits that you define.

First, ask yourself if you describe yourself with some very general characteristics, such as if you consider yourself a person with a tendency to be romantic or rather practical. It will also be interesting to determine if you are a very active person or, on the contrary, you feel comfortable being calm. Then, evaluate if you like to project a sexy and daring image or if your appearance has a more marked tendency towards the classic and conservative.

2.   Occasion

Like clothes, there are body sprays for every occasion. Some may go well for everyday life as a daily companion that helps you be comfortable.

Generally, these cases are sought to be subtle and can get you to finish your day with more energy, compensating for those complicated moments that sometimes accompany the workday. Some are designed for formal occasions, which can complement a very elegant and special outfit. We invite you to ask yourself also what is the purpose for which you want to purchase this important accessory.

3.   Central notes

Returning a little to the subject of personality, we will analyze some aromas that define body sprays because they are the ones that stand out the most. These are usually known as central notes and can help you decide whether or not they go with your way of being. Also, with them, you can get an idea about the aroma that will remain longer when used, and if you find it pleasant or not.

If your personality is cheerful and dynamic, probably a body spray with outstanding fruit notes could be a good option. Body prays that belong to this olfactory family are considered aromas that project others dynamism and freshness.

Among the aromas chosen for these fragrances are mango, plum, raspberry, strawberry, pomegranate, lychee, etc. They could be a good choice for day to day, although there are some fragrances with this type of notes that can also be used at night on a formal occasion if they are well balanced with other notes of departure or background.

4.   Brand

Many users are inclined towards acquiring a body spray designed by a specific brand, due to the experience it could have in its manufacture, the quality it offers, etc. This often determines how much model costs, but you will probably find one that you consider good and economical because it meets all your expectations.

5.   Warmth

On the other hand, the ambient temperature also affects the perception we have of the aromas, being more comfortable fresh aromas when the temperature is high and warm for autumn or winter. Examples of aromas associated with freshness are citrus fruits, aquatic fruits, and green herbs.

These are used in sports fragrances or for summer. In its counterpart, we find aromas such as spices, wood, leather, talcum powder, musk or Cyprus, which we associate with a feeling of warmth and comfort, so that those body sprays that contain them, could be good choices to use in a nighttime event, romantic or for cold seasons.

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