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Why You Keep Dreaming About Your Ex

Why You Keep Dreaming About Your Ex

Sleeping is the state where one’s mind is relaxed, and you get to arrest all your burdens and worries for a few hours. What is better than a sound sleep where you vanish from the world to an unknown place? Studies report that a sound sleep has enough power to calm oneself within and thus make him/her ready for the next day’s schedule. That is why a sound sleep of about six to eight hours is recommended for individuals.

Dreams often accompany sleep. Sometimes, these dreams are so sweet that you feel like living in it for long, and you become irritated and sad when awakened. There are others which can scare or haunt you, and somehow you wake up suddenly from your repose. Many believe that dreams are a scenario of what runs in your subconscious mind.

Many times you might have dreamt of an undesirable incident or people. You might be longing to forget some of these, yet they pop up in your dreams and irritate you. One such instance is where some people who are the people you want to memorize the least in your life live in your vision. The usual doubt that comes up is, ‘why do you keep dreaming about your ex?’

They might have left your life in every way, and you might have found a better substitute. Yet, in some of your dreams, they might appear. So, why does that happen? Is it because you want them back, or is it because your subconscious mind is still immersed in their thoughts? This article shall discuss a few common reasons why this happens. The most probable reasons why your ex still appears in your dreams are listed and detailed below.

You still possess unsettled feelings for your ex.

The feelings mentioned here do not mean that they are romantic ones. It might be because you are not happy with how things came to an end. Or on the other hand, you might be in the phase of living up the breakup. It just means that something about your previous relationship haunts you, and you want to get over it. Clearly understand here that these feelings mentioned do not necessarily mean that they are romantic and you wish to get them back in your life.

You worry about the success of your new relationship.

Getting into a relationship after a breakup might sometimes instill in you some worries. You might compare both of them and you long those things that spoiled your previous one does not happen again. The failure of the last relationship.

An indication of a bigger problem.

Might sometime haunt you and instill in your worries about the success of your new relationship

Many a time, dreams are not literal, but symbolic. If your exes or the moments with them still come up in your dreams, examine the things that led to the end of that relationship. Sort it out and try to prevent it from occurring in future relationships. This can sometimes help and stops the appearance of your exes in your dreams.

You haven’t got over them.

There might be numerous reasons why your ex keeps appearing in your dreams. So, this is also one of them. Think deeply and ask your inner self if you want them back in your life. Get a response and proceed with things accordingly as per the circumstances and possibilities.

It is about you and not your ex.

The ex that appears in your dream might be you or a part of you, says the psychics’ universe. Sometimes, it might mean that you gave up most of yourself, or your likes, for the progress of that relationship. You feel that it is time to get those things back. You should examine your behavior while you were in the relationship and consider changing any of them if required.

You fear that somebody else might hurt you again.

Most people hesitate to go for a new relationship in fear of getting hurt once more. You know the bitterness of the trauma that accompanied after a lousy breakup both physical and mental. You are anxious about the same things recurring if you engage in another relationship. This feeling might come mostly in instances when the breakup had been brutal. Other explanations say that it is a signal or a gut feeling that the new relationship is also going down the same line.

Your heart longs to forgive them, despite a bad breakup.

It might be an indication that your heart wants to give it a try again. It might be an indication that you wish to forgive them and make peace with them to give them another chance.

Concluding note

You might be now aware of the probable reasons why your ex keeps appearing in some of your dreams. The possible indications that are most common and probably working for you are listed above. Think about it and conclude.

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