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8 Reasons to Date a Costa Rican Woman

8 Reasons to Date a Costa Rican Woman

Fun fact: Costa Rica contributes to about 5% of the world’s biodiversity. This variety extends beyond flora and fauna in the country’s beautiful natural attractions. Their women are every bit as diverse and gorgeous! So, if you are considering dating one, you are definitely in for a treat.

Are you not convinced yet? Here are eight reasons you should date a ‘tica.

1. Beauty Galore

Costa Rican women are incredibly gorgeous, and the best part is how much diversity there is in their beauty. From curvy blondes to slender brunettes, there is a lot of eye candy for everyone. These ladies are also very confident in their skin, which makes them even sexier.

Here are a few of the most beautiful ‘ticas to give you an idea of what to look forward to:

  • Heather Hemmens
  • Ruby O. Fee
  • Anastasia Acosta
  • Maribel Guardia

2. Super Stylish

If you like a woman who takes extra care of their appearance, then you will love Costa Rican babes!

They go out of their way to look their best. What is even more attractive about this is that they do not necessarily do it for the attention. They simply love to look good!

And with legends like Ana Cecilia Ortega for them to look up to, you can rest assured your girl will always show up looking like a goddess.

3. Flexible with Gender Roles

Costa Rican dating culture includes traditional gender roles with the man as the provider and leader and the woman as the partner and supporter. While this is still considered relevant in the country, a lot of the ‘ticas are more flexible about the roles. So, do not be surprised if she offers to pay for the meal (but do offer it first).  

4. Classy in the Streets and Freaky in the Sheets

These women are the perfect combination of conservative and sensual. A lot of them have a profoundly religious upbringing, which makes them a little more reserved than your average Latina.

So do not expect her to jump into bed with you on the first few dates. However, they are very sensual and famous for their carnal skills, so if you are patient enough, you have a lot to look forward to.

5. Very Independent

A Costa Rican woman is a woman who can hold their own. She is the kind of lady who will want you but not need you. They are very empowered financially and in terms of education and have learned how to take care of themselves.

So do not expect her to throw herself at you to take care of her just because you are a potentially well-off foreigner. You have to put in the work!

6. Level-Headed

Costa Rican women stand out from their Latina counterparts with their calm and collected demeanour. While they do have a feisty side, it is not their baseline state. So you do not have to worry about her picking unnecessary fights or making scenes. Just do not go out of your way to piss her off.

7. They Say It As It Is

Their honesty is another perk to dating Costa Rican women. They are straightforward, and she will not hold back if something is on her mind. That will make dating her easier as you don’t have to do any guesswork to figure out what she wants or why she is mad. All you have to do is listen!

8. They Know How to Have a Good Time

These girls love to have fun, and a lot of it is had outdoors, whether it is watching a bullfighting match, going out dancing, or exploring their busy towns. And if you are dating one, you can rest assured that she will drag you to all of her favourite spots. So be prepared to get yanked out of your comfort zone and to make amazing memories with an amazing woman.

Wrapping It Up

With all this to look forward to and more, dating a Costa Rican Mami is something to look forward to. All you need to do is to be yourself, be confident, and be ready to put yourself out there. Whether you meet your dream ‘tica online or in Costa Rica itself, you have some fun times ahead of you.


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