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10 Crucial Questions to Ask Your Wedding Photographer

10 Crucial Questions to Ask Your Wedding Photographer

If you are here, you are probably already planning your wedding. This takes time and attention to details. Being an event with such high importance, you will want to have everything documented. And who can better help you than a photographer?

Depending on your expectations, a photographer can offer you an album with the best moments of your wedding. But, how can you be sure that his style is compatible with yours? As experts from AssignmentGeek said, you need to ask the right questions.

So, take a deep breath… and read these 10 crucial questions to ask your wedding photographer.

1 .Have You Ever Shot a Wedding at My Venue?

If the photographer had, then maybe he can show you some photos. This is a great opportunity to also see his photography style. Of course, this is a big pro because he is aware of those great photo spots. Like this, your photos will be more special.

There is no need to worry if he has not seen the venue. It will be great to offer him the opportunity to visit it so that his image of the place is more clear. This means that more ideas are incoming.

2. How Many Hours Are Included in Your Package?

It is a crucial question you need to ask your photographer. This information is important because you need to make sure that you will have all the moments captured. Make sure that your photographer will be there to immortalize them.

Think about what you want to have printed forever. There might be moments like the first dance or the bridesmaids getting ready. Make sure you cover them all.

3. How Many Photos Will I Receive?

This is an important aspect. A photographer will capture over 1500 photos from your wedding. That’s a lot! But do not expect to receive all of them. Just as you can pay an assignment service when looking for assignment help, so do you hire a photographer for their services. And the editing of photos is usually included.

The photographer you choose should select the best photos that show the amazing atmosphere at your wedding. Who would want photos with his eyes closed or blurry ones?

4. Can I Request Custom Photos?

You might want to take some photos with your family and close friends. Just as there is a custom paper service, so areso do are custom photos.

It is important to send all the information to your photographer. For example, you can let him know that you want some photos with your parents or maybe with a larger group.

5. Will You Be the One Shooting My Wedding?

There are two possibilities. The first one is that the photographer has a larger studio and co-workers. In this case, you can request a meeting with the one that will be shooting your wedding to let him know your expectations.

The second one is that the photographer works alone and he will be the one shooting your wedding day.

6. How Long Have You Been Doing This?

A little background check is always welcomed. Like professionals from EssayUniverse say, you need to know more details about the people you are hiring.

Asking your photographer this question will let you know if he has experience. If not, do not be afraid. There are a lot of newbies that are very creative and find amazing ways to capture moments. Ask them the next question.

7. Can I See Your Portfolio?

Ask him to show you albums from previous weddings. Like this, you can easily identify his style and see if it matches yours. Let him know what you want. Maybe you want something more idyllic. Or you might want some photos like the ones from magazines.

8. Will the Images Be Posted Online?

Because social media is such an important part of our lives, many photographers promote their work online. Ask him if he is going to do the same with your photos. If they are going to be posted, how long will they be up?

9. Do You Also Offer a Photo Booth?

Photo booths have become more and more popular and are also a big part of a wedding. If you also want your friends and family to have a printed memory from your wedding, a photo booth is a great idea. Some photographers also offer this service, so it’s better to ask them.

10. Do You Charge a Travel Fee?

Depending on where they are based, the photographers often charge a travel fee. You need to discuss all these aspects before hiring. You might need to also pay for his accommodation. However, some will not because their residence is not so far away.


Finding the best photographer for your wedding might seem difficult. But if you answer him these ten crucial questions, you can decide if he is the one. See if his style matches yours and be sure you discuss all the details before hiring.

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