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12 Amazing Ways To Celebrate a Long Distance Relationship

12 Amazing Ways To Celebrate a Long Distance Relationship

Couples often face challenges in long-distance relationships: different time zones, different working hours, sometimes poor internet connection and whatnot. Despite how difficult long distance can seem, there are some great ways to celebrate together when you’re not. A little planning, a little compromise and a touch of creativity will shorten the miles. Here are some 12 amazing ways to celebrate a long-distance relationship when you’re miles apart.

Video message

Living in the digital age means that many of us are equipped with phones and other digital devices that can make video calls, which are great ways to spend quality face-to-face time with a partner who is 1,000 miles away. It is always a good idea to record a video message to each other. Keep the spark alive by sending each other short video messages.

Online Gifts

Being miles away doesn’t stop you from sending those gifts. Be it your anniversary or birthday, send each other online gifts.

Virtual dinner date

Make your dinner date extra special by planning a virtual date. You can make it date-like by including favorite foods, drinks, and flowers!

Netflix and Chill

If both of you are dying to see a new film, you can organize a distant Netflix and chill date. Turn on the movie together and connect via FaceTime so you can see each other’s reactions and discuss it while watching.

Long Distance Jar

Make a jar that is filled with different color-coded notes for you every day. This will be a fun way to feel closer to each other, even if you are far away.

Care package

Show your partner that you care for them with a care package. Include things he/she likes. Fill a gift box with their favorite sweets, goodies, and cute little souvenirs.

Miles Apart Keychain

This keychain is a complete reminder that you love your significant other, no matter the distance between you.

Surprise Visit

This always works! If circumstances allow, unexpectedly surprise your partner. No matter how far you are from each other.

Send a love letter

Technology makes it incredibly easy to communicate over long distances, but there is nothing like receiving a hand-written love letter in the mail.

Compass Bracelets

These compass bracelets are the perfect long-distance relationships! A reminder that you both are still connected with each other.

Midnight Delivery

Midnight surprises are a hit in LDR! If you are planning a surprise for your significant other on their special occasion, go for a midnight cake delivery in Kolkata, Mumbai, Pune or whichever city your partner reside.

Trust Each Other

Without trust, neither of these ideas will help save your relationship. Lack of trust stems from a lack of communication. So, it’s important to trust each other.

Isn’t all of these long-distance celebration ideas awesome ?! So whether you celebrate the day by sending gifts, sharing memories or comforting each other over on the phone, don’t let this distance be a hurdle in your beautiful relationship. Keep the spark alive and trust each other.

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