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3 Conversation Tricks You Need To Know To Get A Date

3 Conversation Tricks You Need To Know To Get A Date

Have you ever missed an opportunity to talk to a potential date because you just didn’t know what to say?

Have you ever started a conversation then realized there was nothing left to talk about but damn it, you haven’t gotten their number yet? These two scenarios are very common. Overcoming conversation hurdles are an important part of dating success. If you can’t have an interesting conversation with someone, one that leads to a date, you’re failing.

Conversations are the foundation of all good relationships. If you run out of topics within the first ten minutes of chitchat, why would someone want to take you on a date? What would you have to say?

The purpose of any conversation is to enlighten, engage and entertain.

  1. Tell them something they didn’t know before.
  2. Be aware and involved in the conversation
  3. Make them laugh. Laughing makes us feel good.

You want to create a positive interaction with your potential date and the easiest way to do that is to focus on the three E’s as well as adding a few more tricks, that I think are essential for building interest. I don’t have to tell you, people fake interest all the time.

You don’t want someone to just nod and smile while you drone on about God knows what that no one but you gives a f*ck about.

You want the conversation to be so enjoyable that it builds attraction and chemistry. You want your potential date to be so engaged that you stay on their mind and the thought of seeing you again builds butterflies in their stomach.

Sounds awesome, right?

Concentrate on feelings not facts. Instead of asking what a person does, ask them what’s the best part of their job.

Ask unique questions. Start your questions with, have you ever instead of the boring who, what, where, why and when’s.

Let them do most of the talking. The mistake a lot of daters make is thinking that someone is interested in what you have to say because they are letting you say it. They’re just being polite.

Let me tell you now, you don’t want empathy you want passion. You don’t want someone to patronize you in a conversation; you want them to actually care about what you’re saying. Do you want someone who is just “being nice”?

Of course not, you want a date.


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