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3 Tinder Hacks That Get You More Swipe Rights

3 Tinder Hacks That Get You More Swipe Rights

Despite what has been written, Tinder isn’t ruining dating. In fact, If you have a Tinder profile, or use any dating apps currently, you’re increasing your chances of finding the right person. The key to success is in your profile. The person that you’re trying to attract is out there, but you won’t know if they don’t swipe right.

Dating apps are almost perfect self-reflections of who we think we are. For this reason many people find the same success or failure meeting people via apps as they do in real life. This wouldn’t be a bad thing except what I’ve found with apps such as Tinder, and Bumble is that the more matches you make the more profiles you’re shown.

If you aren’t matching with more people then you’ll get stuck seeing the same options over and over or worse, running out. A dating app wants to resign anyone they deem as “unpopular” to a paying customer.

Tinder wants you to make matches so that you have more reasons to engage with the app. More data for them. So how do you get more swipes right?

Post Awesome Photos

For most of the dating apps available today, looks play a huge role in your success. Choose four great photos that and don’t include a body shot. Make sure your last photo is the best. Do not include any other friends (especially of the opposite sex) in your photos. Make sure your photo isn’t too close to the camera. Make sure you’re smiling, or laughing, in at least one of the photos.

If you can avoid using a selfie, then choose a photo that’s just a great shot of your face. Don’t include photos that are blurry or too far away, it will make people think you’re ugly. Distorted photos send the message that you’re trying to hide something, or are too lazy to find a good photo of yourself.

Don’t Connect Your Instagram!

Tinder is now giving you the option to connect your Instagram account, but don’t! This isn’t because Instagram isn’t useful. It’s actually a great way to connect with dates outside of the app. It’s also a great way to investigate what someone really looks like, and who they are but when it comes to swipes privacy works in your favor.

Connecting your Instagram might deter someone from swiping right and actually getting to know you. Again, while it’s great to have options, swipe rights also tells Tinder you’re popular. Being more popular = more benefits.

Write A Great Bio That Gets To The Point

As dating app designs change the importance of your bio also changes. Tinder now makes it possible to read the bio over the photo without having to scroll down. For this instance, a short bio works best. It shows that you tooks some time to curate your profile but it also makes your profile easy to view.

I also recommend changing your bio over time. It doesn’t have to be a novel but it should work. If you’re not getting as many matches as you’d like change your bio and keep changing it until it works for you.

Don’t Swipe Right On Everyone

The idea that swiping right on everyone is a Tinder hack, it isn’t. Swiping right on every profile makes you seem desperate and unbiased which is incredibly unattractive. The Tinder algorithm hates this behavior and on apps like Bumble, they will flag you. So what should you do? Swipe right on the people who are most likely to date you as well as who you want to date. Everyone has a type that they can pull.

Be strategic in swiping and choose those who might find you as their type, even if they’re not yours. Why? So that Tinder gets the message that people like you. If you’re so picky about who you swipe right on that you are missing out on matches you will fall into the “unpopular” category which means more ads and less choices.

Everyone has an audience. A type that always likes them even if it isn’t mutual. Swipe right on who likes you to increase your matches because Tinder is cares about data. They are collecting it on you and that affects how many users you see, the ads you see, and your overall experience.

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