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4 Simple Steps That Can Save Your Relationship Today

4 Simple Steps That Can Save Your Relationship Today

To love someone is one of the greatest gifts possible. People often feel that they have to share this joyous gift with the world. They cannot keep it bottled up inside.

However, love can quickly turn into pain when one person in a relationship does not feel as though he or she wants to be in the relationship. Other factors such as family, friends and work colleagues can also put a lot of strain on a relationship.

A relationship in peril can make a person feel as though his or her world is collapsing. Some people even contemplate doing terrible things such as cheating just to get back at their partner. The good news is that relationships are salvageable no matter how bad things may seem. People can use a number of clever strategies to fix their broken relationship including the tips below.

Communication Is the Key to Fixing a Relationship

No relationship can survive without proper communication. Perhaps this was the problem in the first place.
Couples need to sit down and talk to each other about their feelings and desires. It is only then that they can find out what is truly wrong within their relationship and then develop appropriate strategies on how to fix everything. If you as a guy are asking the right questions to your girlfriend, this is the best way to start a great conversation and keep the communication line open.

90% of women in a relationship say that they enjoy the relationship the more when their man comes up with interesting questions to ask them. If you’re short on questions to ask your partner, you can find tips here. So keep the communication lines open by asking the right questions.

It is also important for couples to note that communication does not necessarily mean talking but should also include listening. Another important dimension in communication that people often neglect is their body language.

Many people shy away from saying what they truly feel but their body language never lies. Anyone in a relationship should pay close attention to how his or her partner reacts to certain issues. For example, does the man in the relationship become uncomfortable every time his girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend is mentioned? Subtle cues like their attitude and body language can say more than they say with their words.

Hang Out Occasionally In Non-Committal Situations

People also make the mistake of changing everything in their relationship soon after they commit to each other. They no longer go out for coffee at a nice cafe, order take out, or go out dancing. This is a common reason why so many relationships are in trouble. Couples need to hang out as they used to; date each other.

It does not have to be as exciting as when they first started the courtship but it needs to remind them of their beginnings and the love that they once shared.

Hanging out does not necessarily mean that everything is okay. It means that those within that relationship are having trouble but are willing to start afresh. They may not commit to a completely new relationship but they are well on their way to fixing the relationship they already have.

Do Not Pretend To Be Someone Else

Being inauthentic can arise in any relationship but this dishonesty is what kills most relationships. People pretend to be someone else just to please his or her partner. It is both sad and counterproductive. People can only build relationships on solid character, true personalities, and complete trust. Pretending to be someone else destroys all of the foundations that build a relationship.

A good example of pretense is a man hiding the fact that he does not like the hair weave his girlfriend wears or a woman hiding the fact that she does not like the alcoholic friends her boyfriend hangs around.

A relationship will work much better if each person reveals his or her true character and stops hiding under a mask of pretense. Remember, many people get hurt even though they pretend to be strong. This will slowly build up tension, anxiety and suspicion in the relationship, which means that the relationship will be in peril.

Compromise Is Critical

Each party to a relationship may want the other party to follow his or her way. This only builds up conflict and tension within the relationship. Couples should avoid divisive factors in a relationship or approach them carefully.

For example, conflicts over money or spending can cause couples to break up faster than almost anything else can. This means that couples should approach financial issues with a lot of sobriety, sincerity and wisdom. The most important thing to remember when it comes to divisive issues is compromise.

Compromise allows each partner in a relationship to feel as though he or she is truly part of the relationship. Partners in a relationship should not become fixated on trivial things such as watching particular tv shows or doing household chores.

Instead, find ways to accommodate the needs of each partner in the final arrangement. Please note that compromise does not mean that one partner will always get his or her way. Rather, it means that both partners get their way at some point.

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