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7 Gifts for Couples & First Time Homeowners

7 Gifts for Couples & First Time Homeowners

Couples have many milestones in their lives that involve participation from friends and family. From engagement parties, to housewarmings or baby showers, there is a chance that as a single person you’ll be asked to contribute in one or all of these festive occasions. While getting married is an incredible step in any relationship, buying a house for the first time is a truly momentous occasion. After saving for, searching, and finally selecting the right home, it’s finally time for your loved ones to settle in and create a cozy space for years to come. 

When your friends or family members finally take that big step to buy a house of their own, join in on the celebration by sending something unique and thoughtful to add to their new space. 

Here are seven gift ideas to add a cheerful touch to any new home.

#1: A Welcoming Greeting

A brand new doormat is a perfect gift to christen a new house. From the minute you step up to the front door, you’re greeted with something personal, funny, or festive. Consider their taste before buying—go for a simple, elegant mat, or pick something that will make guests chuckle when they arrive. 

Additionally, you might want to give new homeowners a personalized doormat–this is their house, after all.

#2: A Warm Glow

Stepping into a house illuminated by the warm glow of candles immediately makes a guest feel welcome. Candles make dinner occasions with family and friends feel more elegant and are perfect for self-care nights at home. 

  • Tapers – For a more sophisticated touch, give new homeowners taper candles. Tapers look timeless on holiday tables and festive mantelpieces.
  • Pillars – Send pillar candles for homeowners who are big fans of burning candles. Pillars will last a long time and can be placed around any living space.
  • Outdoor Candles – For homeowners with a great outdoor space, send citronella candles. Not only will these sprinkle outdoor gatherings with twinkling lights, but they also repel pesky bugs!

#3: Time for Tea

Every house needs a good set of stoneware mugs for sipping tea or coffee on a chilly day. If your loved ones are moving to a colder location, new mugs and a teapot will be a perfect gift to warm up their home.  Don’t be shy about inviting yourself over. Arriving with a plate of homemade cookies or scones for afternoon tea is a delightful way to inaugurate a home. Make sure to bring your favorite recipe to share.

#4: A Recipe for Success

Speaking of recipes, new homeowners will love receiving their very own recipe binder as a housewarming gift that will serve them well for dinner parties. For some added charm, already send them recipes you love and include little notes about the times you’ve made those dishes (and why they’re special to you). Then, when your loved ones add their own recipes to the collection, they can note their own memories and traditions. 

A few recipes to include: 

  • Holiday Cookies – Any special family recipe for sugar cookies or ginger snaps is a lovely addition to this sweet little book.
  • Stuffing – There’s nothing better than homemade stuffing at Thanksgiving. If you have a secret recipe, send it along!
  • Breakfast – Perhaps it’s your mom’s homemade pancakes or your grandpa’s French toast. Either way, breakfast is an important part of any family tradition.

#5: A Beautiful Heirloom Apron

While we’re at it, send a beautiful apron to new homeowners so they can cook with abandon in their new kitchen. Ask them what colors they are using for their kitchen decor and give them an apron that compliments their color scheme. 

If you want to add an extra personal touch, tuck little notes into the apron pockets for them to discover. 

#6: Bouquet Bliss

Flowers are a timeless and elegant way to say congratulations to new homeowners. Send flowers that are seasonally appropriate and go well with their living space. Sunflowers, chrysanthemums, and tulips are perfect options for curating a cheerful and celebratory ambiance.

Gifting flowers that include a vase is particularly thoughtful, as your loved ones may still be unpacking and don’t want to hunt through boxes for a container. This is also a great option for neighbors welcoming a new family to the neighborhood.

#7: A Family Affair

Sending a customized family portrait is a superb gift for any new home. This is especially lovely if your loved ones have a large family. Illustrated portraits add a note of whimsy and creativity to any living space. Your friends will be delighted with your thoughtful gift!

The More Personal, The Better

With these seven gift ideas for new homeowners, you can celebrate from near or far with your loved ones. Above all else, find deeply personal ways to contribute to their new household—send them a letter, bring over some dinner, or help them start their garden. Soon enough, they’ll feel right at home.

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