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7 Things Men Really Notice On a First Date

7 Things Men Really Notice On a First Date

Whether you’re meeting in person or over video chat, first dates are crucial to every relationship. It’s the first time two people get to know more about each other. Needless to say, everyone gets stressed about what they’re going to wear and what they’re going to say. We all want to be prepared for our first date.

Moreso, if you’re a woman, you might want to know what to expect from a first encounter and how to get ready for it. So, here are seven things men really notice on a first date.

1. Punctuality

Men notice if you’re punctual because it indicates whether you’re taking the date seriously or not. If you show up five minutes early, he might think that you commit to appointments, that you’re organized and thorough.

Along with that, your date will notice if you know how to reach the restaurant or date location. He might appreciate that you’re good at orientation and that you know how to drive. Lastly, avoid having one of your male friends or exes drive you to the date, as your potential lover might not appreciate that.

2. Your Appearance

The first time you see a person, your eyes start scanning them. One of the first things your date will notice is your eyes. Men usually like women with lively eyes who aren’t afraid of eye contact. If you’re shy and avoid looking him in the eye, he’ll notice and start to question whether you’re attracted to him, or if you’re in a bad mood.

Next, he’ll notice your smile. If you tend to laugh and smile a lot, he might think that you’re a friendly woman. If you sometimes smile with your mouth closed, he might think you’re cute and more reserved. Your date will also notice your hair and make-up. Some men like a more natural look, while others don’t mind full glam.

Men also like to look at your outfit and curves. They will pay attention to how much cleavage you’re showing and how short your dress is. They will notice whether you are muscular and athletic or curvier. Also, men will attempt to figure out the message behind your looks.

Lastly, they might try to decipher whether you just got off from work at a travel agency, best paper writing service, or office, instead of taking time to get ready for the date. So, remember to dress according to the message you wish to convey to your date.

3. What You Talk About

The focal point of your date is the conversation. Therefore, your potential boyfriend will notice how talkative you are. If you don’t say much, he might think that you’re timid, or that you don’t like him. Alternatively, if you talk and laugh, he’ll assume you’re enjoying his company.

Men will also notice what you talk about. For example, if you talk about your education, your job, your family, or in-depth scientific topics, he might find you studious and boring. Unless, of course, he’s interested in that. On the other hand, if you talk about superficial topics and small talk, he might think that you’re a bit awkward and bland. Additionally, he’ll notice if you talk too much about yourself. In this case, most men will think that you’re narcissistic, rude and that you don’t want to let them speak.

So, try to smile and talk about experiences. Don’t forget to ask him about his hobbies and interests, so that you’re not the only one talking.

4. How Natural You Are

After analyzing your appearance and your conversation, your potential lover will notice how natural you are. Men can often tell if a woman is trying too hard to attract them. If you have a thigh-skin sexy outfit on with cleavage, he may think you’re a little desperate or that you’re just trying to have a one-time fling with him.

Also, men will observe how you speak, and if you’re comfortable with them. Your date will sense it if you’re nervous, uncomfortable, or moody. He will also notice if you’re laughing at his jokes because he’s funny or because you’re just trying to attract him.

Men also want you to talk openly. Whether you work on multiple blogs, for top essay writing services, or as a nurse, they want you to complain and be honest about how you feel. Usually, men who want to date look for women who act naturally and are confident enough to be themselves. So, don’t try to be someone else. Just enjoy the date and be honest with him.

5. How Flirty You Are

On the first date, most guys will notice if you’re flirty and if there’s chemistry. If you’re warm and sociable, he’ll think that you’re cute and that the date is going well. If you tease him and act flirty, he might feel that you’re playful and sexy.
On the other hand, if you’re reserved, quiet, and awkward, he probably won’t consider a second date and neither will you.

Even if you work at a custom essay service or a travel agency, and you are generally nerdy, during a date you should be able to open up. Otherwise, they’re not right for you. Try to be clear about your intentions and don’t lead him on if you’re not planning on having intercourse right away. On first dates, you should act moderately flirty if you’re trying to build a relationship.

6. If You Are Compatible

Towards the end of the date, he’ll try to connect the dots and understand if you’re compatible. He’ll wonder whether you like him and want to have a long-term relationship. He’ll think about whether you have things in common and if you have a similar humor. After evaluating your personality, he’ll consider your looks.

Additionally, he might take into consideration practical information, such as where you work. Maybe you’re an influencer who travels the world and who can’t spend much time home. Or perhaps you work from home at an essay writing service UK, and you have a lot of spare time.

7. How Nice You Are

Right before you leave, he’ll notice if you reach for your wallet or if you expect him to pay. Most men don’t mind paying for the first date, however, at least show that you’re not taking his gesture for granted. Also, he’ll observe your manners, the way you treat the waiters, and how polite you are to him.

Some men like classy women who eat pizza with their fork and knife, while others don’t mind a girl who can get her hands dirty. So, act natural, don’t try too hard to impress him.

On a first date, men notice your punctuality, appearance, and personality. They try to decipher the message your outfit conveys and what you wish to tell them.

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