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7 Obvious Signs that Your Partner Likes Someone Else

7 Obvious Signs that Your Partner Likes Someone Else

Problems in a relationship usually come along at any unexpected moment.

Sometimes, it can only get worse if you have doubts about your partner and the way he has been acting lately. You surely know that loving someone dearly will make your whole system alive. However, you need to be ready to face the overall process, which involves heartbreaks. If you already see signals and signs that something is wrong with your partner or the relationship, you should feel bad upon feeling them. You have the right to feel that way, most especially if the changes affect you very much.

Just remember that when there are no problems or if you don’t see any signs, then don’t find one. We know that sometimes you tend to be insecure that someone better than you might steal away your partner’s heart if there’s nothing to be worried about, you should not make anything that would compromise the whole relationship. However, call it instinct or what, when you feel it deep in your heart that there is someone else in your partner’s life, then dig deeper. Let us help you get to know if your instinct is right by checking the seven obvious signs that your partner likes someone else below!

1. They Are Always Busy.

If your partner is busy, it is okay. There is nothing wrong with that. But you both know that even if you are both busy with your careers, you still have to take some time to see each other. It is something that you should take into account if you’re entering a relationship. Now, if you feel like your partner is no longer wants to make time with you or even text you an I miss you quotes to make you feel loved, then maybe he’s busy not just with his career goals but also because of someone else. For example, during weekends where you used to have a date before are now always canceled because of different reasons.

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If your date nights become nights where he texts you that he can’t go or other explanations you know for yourself that won’t make sense, well, you should be concerned, your relationship may be at stake. Remember that it is not enough reason to say that he needs space or alone time, it is actually a very clear sign that he is no longer interested or slowly detaching himself to you and your relationship.

2. They Are Always Irritated With Everything You Say And Do.

It would be best if you took note as to how your partner is treating you today than in the past. If you doubt that he likes someone else, the possibility is that he is no longer interested in everything you say or do, thus resulting in him to get irritated all the time.

The way he treats you will surely change because he is becoming sweet to someone else. He can’t treat you both with the same sweetness and kindness. For example, if you are asking him about his schedule, and when you can see him, he will make you feel guilty about not being able to understand the situation. Your partner will do these things because he maybe wants the easiest way out of your relationship by putting all the blame to you and how you nag at him.

3. They Don’t Make Eye Contact.

When someone is in love with you, everything that you say or do is an apple to their eyes. They make sure that you feel how much they adore you. During your quality time together, you can share with him some positive Christian quotes about life to start his day right. Check out our recommended list of positive Christian quotes here. However, if your boyfriend is no longer making eye contact with you, may it be because he’s not interested in you or he is hiding a secret from you.

It doesn’t have to be necessary that he is always looking straight into your eyes, but failure to do so is already a problem. While you are talking to him, his mind might be wondering where else thinking of someone else or other things that interest him more than you do.

4. They Like To Talk About Another Person.

If your partner is always talking about another person when you are together, then maybe that person is someone else that he likes by now. Of course, you know for yourself that when you like a person, you are always excited to talk about that person and how he or she is amazing. You can’t stop thinking about that person if you like him. The same goes for your boyfriend.

You may not notice the changes at first, but if your partner is constantly talking about another person, you will surely feel that there is something wrong as to how much he adores that person. You should pay attention to everything that he says so that it will help you find the background of the person he is in.

5. Physical Intimacy Is Gone.

Intimacy in a relationship is very important. It makes the whole commitment more intense and hot. As you have noticed in the first few months of the relationship, you are both intimate physically. However, if you’ve seen changes in your partner like he doesn’t like being touched by you or the other way around, whether in public or private, there must be something wrong with how he feels about you. Whatever may be his reason that he doesn’t like to be involved in an intimate situation, everything will turn out awkward for both of you. Sex will spice things up, and if he doesn’t like to do it with you, then he no longer likes to spice things up.

6. They Don’t Like You Checking Their Phones.

Cellphones happen to be the most used thing to accommodate our needs in communicating or entertainment purposes. It is used to reach out to the person we love dearly. Now, if your boyfriend likes someone else, it is no question that he is communicating with her on his phone. If he doesn’t like you checking out his phone when you’re together, maybe it has nothing to do with privacy anymore. For example, he’s always on his phone during your dates, he keeps his phone away from you, or be at a distance when someone’s calling, hr may be trying to hide something from you.

7. The Sudden Change In Their Daily Habits.

If you have been together for months or years now, you probably all his daily activities. If you notice that there is a change in his schedule where he adds hobbies or other habits during his free time that doesn’t concern you, it will be alarming for you most especially if he replaces your time together or dates with something that will not include you even if you insist. Of course, why would he want to do something that will make you feel less important, right? Well, maybe he is spending it with some more important than you.


Now that you have read everything stated above, you may have noticed a lot of these signs in your partner. You have to do something if you don’t want your relationship to end. Repair the things that you have to remove someone else in his life, and if he had already made up his mind, then go on your way alone. You will forever be enough when the right one comes along!

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