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Top 5 Places For Introverts to Find Love

Top 5 Places For Introverts to Find Love

Dating as an introvert can be hard.

Typically, the usual way that people look for a partner is going to parties or clubs with friends. Some try to find a date in a bar, but if you’re an introvert, you might visit those events, but it is usually pretty stressful for you to look for a partner there.

The dose of social interactions for introverts is lower than for the extraverts, so the party itself might become tiring enough –  with its loud music, high energy, and a lot of strangers. So what should an introvert do, and where can you go to look for a partner?

Let’s look at some of the tips on where you can find a great partner as an introvert. But first of all, let’s state that there is nothing wrong in being an introvert. Also being an introvert doesn’t mean that you don’t need interaction, or that you don’t want to have a happy long-time relationship. Being an introvert just means maybe you should do it slightly differently.

Libraries, bookshops

Where can introverts find partners? It might be best to look for a partner in a place that’s familiar to you. If you like reading books, don’t just sit home. Head to your favorite bookstore, or a library, to surround yourself with others who also enjoy to read. You don’t have to actively search for a partner, that shouldn’t be your goal, but it’s a good idea to share your hobbies with those that you may meet.

Don’t hesitate to explore your surroundings a bit more by venturing out into the world to enjoy your hobby. Talk to some interesting people once in a while, and you might as well accidentally find the best partner you could dream about. You can also use your favorite coffee shop, and do your homework, or work there a bit. The point is to get out there, and find a place where you can enjoy your hobbies, or work around others doing the same.


Another good choice if it suits you. Heading to a play, a musical, or any performance to your liking. You can have a good time, and if you see someone you like then you’ll have a perfect topic for a discussion right there. Going to the theatre is an activity that doesn’t force you to do anything, meaning go out of your way to be the center of attention, or entertain. You can simply have a good time on your own if you don’t feel like making new friends at the moment.

Take a class or a workshop

Did you always want to pick up a new skill, learn a new language, try pottery, woodworking, yoga, etc.? Then go for it! You’ll meet new people who share your enthusiasm for the particular class and the conversation usually starts very easy in such an environment.

Obviously, you can just enjoy doing something you’ve always wanted, but there are actually pretty good chances to meet someone who shares other passions of yours. If you don’t want where to start or want to do other similar stuff, check these tips. Maybe you’d like to sign up for some volunteering.

Family and friends

There is probably no better environment to meet new people than among your close friends and family members. A familiar environment is a great thing for an introvert. Less stress means more pleasant interactions and you will already have at least a partially similar social circle. And according to some surveys, a lot of people find their partners through mutual friends. So you should benefit from that.

Dating sites and apps

All of them is a good choice for introverts as they give you the ability to look for a partner without even getting out of bed. Dating websites allow you to choose from hundreds of local potential partners. And as introverts tend to be more cautious and analytical, you can text first to find out as much as you can about a person before actually going on a date. And in the worst case scenario, you can just stop the conversation.

If you still think about how to meet people as an introvert just remember several simple rules. Don’t try to make finding a partner the end goal of your social life. Just do what you like to do usually or try something new. And while doing that, look at the people around you. The chances are, someone who’s perfect for you will be sitting right next to you.

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