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7 Tips For Successful Online Dating In 2021

7 Tips For Successful Online Dating In 2021

Thanks to the Internet, dating has never been easier. With the different online dating websites and apps you can use, it’s easy to meet new people.

However, due to the popularity of online dating, it has gained a bad reputation because of fake profiles. But, there’s nothing to worry about if you’re using reputable dating websites or apps because these have advanced security measures to stop the rising number of fake profiles and keep your personal information protected.

To choose the right dating platform online, read guides about relationships & dating online to help you get started. If you want to get the best possible results and succeed in online dating, keep the following tips in mind:

Pay Attention To Your Photos

Ensure that all of your photos are current. Your profile photo must be a close-up of yourself smiling warmly. If possible, include full body shots and post some photos of you doing something you’re passionate about. Keep in mind that photos tell stories and can be a good way for you to show how caring and kind you are.

When uploading photos, avoid including group photos or photos of your kids. Remember that photos will be the basis of someone’s first impression about you, and there’s nothing worse than meeting somebody who looks nothing like the photos uploaded online.

Be Proactive

When it comes to online dating, you should start with, at least, one or two dating websites or apps. You may add more in the long run, but you might not want to be overwhelmed by all the interests you’ll get. Once you’ve created a profile, never wait for messages to bombard you, and use the filters of the platform to see the kind of people you’re searching for.

Write An Interesting Profile

It doesn’t matter what information you write in your profile as long as you’re conveying sincerity. A good way to show sincerity is to write your main bio without trying to boast about yourself.

Besides, you’re not writing a CV, and you’re not auditioning for anybody, so never write it like you’re trying to impress. It’ll come across as needy and even if you might have a sexy photo, your chances of meeting somebody are zero if you won’t take your profile seriously.

When writing something in your profile, never be afraid of telling what you love and who you are. Attractive people are comfortable in their own skin and have the confidence to reveal their feelings and thoughts without caring what anybody else thinks. Once you’re done, ask somebody to proofread what you’re written.

Mystery Creates Attraction

The best headlines, photos, profiles, and usernames provoke prospects to ask questions. You’re giving them a window into your life, and you’re not selling them on a package. If they’re interested or curious about you, they’ll send you a message, and this is how you start the conversation which may lead to your first date.

Arrange Video Chats

If you want to level up the conversations with your prospects, arrange video chats. Short virtual dates will give you a feel for mannerisms, personality, and looks. Ask questions early to ensure that your values align, and remember that chemistry shows in person only. So, after your video chats, decide whether or not to meet in person.

Be Yourself

To succeed in dating online, it’s only natural to present yourself in the best possible light. However, once you hide your interests and traits, it can ruin your chances of getting results from online dating. Take note that your goal isn’t to get the highest number of matches. But, it’s actually to attract those who will fit well with your real self.

For instance, consider highlighting your unusual or rare interests as such can lead to greater success in online dating. That’s why trying to be like somebody else won’t pay off. What works is being completely yourself, which can help you find someone who’ll appreciate your qualities and embrace all your flaws.

If you can’t pinpoint your unique qualities, ask your relatives or friends about your characteristics or traits.

Be Clear About What Type Of Person You’re Looking For

Be specific and clear about the traits or type of person you’re looking for. These may include values and character, not income level, height, or weight. With this, you’ll avoid meeting somebody who’ll ask about what you like about a man or a woman. Plus, clear statements will set things straight at the very beginning.


There’s so much more to say when it comes to online dating success. However, those tips above will surely help you boost your profile, which can make a huge difference to your online dating success. Do the above tips properly to get results, and always rely on the best online dating websites or apps.


Kayla Alden is a dating guru, advocating responsible use of dating apps in relationship building. She has a background in psychology, working as a dating coach. Kayla shares her knowledge through video blogging and guest posting.

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